Distance to R10 Menu Option Reverts Back to 7ft

I'm curious if this is a bug or if the distance to R10 slider in the menu actually does anything? Here are the steps I'm taking:

1. From the Golf Sim menu select TruGolf E6 and Play on PC

2. Once the session has started tap the menu icon

3. Slide the distance to R10 slider to 8ft and tap Done in the top right corner

4. Go back into the menu and slider is set back to 7ft

I noticed this after changing the physical distance to the R10 from 7 to 8 feet in my garage to allow more space to walk behind the hitting area. I haven't necessarily noticed an obvious change in the numbers yet so it doesn't seem like the slider does anything, in which case I want bother changing it.

If it does actually change how the R10 (not the Garmin Golf app) calculates numbers then this bug should be fixed and the setting should be retained. What would be even better is adding a global setting for people who always place the R10 in the same spot and then allow it to be changed at the session level, say if I go to the range and only have 7 feet I can change it just for that session.

  • I agree!! I noticed this happening when I use the Garmin IOS app with my iPad. When I used the Garmin android app, I seem to remember the ball to R10 distance was saved between sessions. A couple other issues in the same regard: 1)  The custom climate settings are not saved, 2) If I need to re-calibrate the R10 during a session, I can only get to that option by exiting the session (range or HTH).

  • Thanks for the information! I noticed that too with the climate settings. Interesting you brought up iOS. I typically use an old Android phone but last night I just happened to be using my iPad after I moved the R10 to 8 feet so I'll try again on my phone and see if it saves. Maybe an iOS only bug.

    I'm still interested in why I wasn't seeing a noticeable change in the numbers if the distance value was not saving and was set at 7 while the device was physically set at 8 feet. I'll do a test on Android and see if there is any noticeable difference with the the slider set to 7 or 8 feet with the device at 8 feet, provided the value will save!

  • The same when you use metric system. It reverts to 2.1m, none of the weather settings is saved. This feature doesn’t work at all, so what is the QA process? There was no testing. We are the community of free testers.

  • I have all of the same questions and would like to set up the app to my conditions and have it remember until I change them someday. 
    I also like to get more info on the algorithm and how it affects things.  I haven’t learned about the humidity but I keep setting it to my local conditions here in June when I am playing outdoors.