Loss of Bluetooth Connection when Switching from HTH to Driving Range or vice versa

My R10 is up to date with version 4.30 and I'm using a Pixel 7 with Garmin Golf App also up to date.

My general issue is:

  1. Turn on device, open app and start one type of game mode, all is good
  2. End a session on either HTH or Driving Range
  3. Device immediately changes from flashing green light to flashing blue light (manual suggests that at this point the device has lost Bluetooth connection and trying to reconnect)
  4. Wait for reconnection but it never happens, even if another game mode is reopened
  5. Hard reset of device and app
  6. Device now connects again properly

This is obviously very very annoying if you want to even switch the style driving range you are using. Takes like a 3min faffing around

Is this a known issue?