Garmin R10 cannot turn on and charge

Hi, i have my garmin R10 about 1.5 months and used it regularly on indoor home driving.

Yesterday i found my garmin to be dead and cannot be turn on, try to charged it but no Led shows up.

I try hold the button for 30 second but only 1 blink of white Led and nothing happens after.

Last time i used it was about 2 weeks ago and i leave it on my bag bcos i went out of country. Battery maybe around 50% when i left it.

Anyone have this kind of problem and know how to fix it?

  • Don't know how to fix it, but here is what happens to my R10 for comparisment:

    - Unit is off.

    - i connect a power source ( battery bank / phone charger).

    - Unit turns on and front light flashes white. Back charging light flashing red. White flash on front means unit is in sleep mode.

    - I press rear button, and unit connect to one of my devices (phone / tablet, whichever I have bluetooth on). Unit then starts flashing green.

    - One more press on rear button will power off the unit. But charging lamp should still blink red, indicating charging.

    Hope this help.

  • Thank you for your info,

    I tried to connect a power source but nothing shows up from the Garmin. No LED turns on both the front and rear.

    I contact garmin email but no response yet

  • Either Your unit then is faulty, or You have a faulty power supply or cable.

  • Same issue for me, no resolution yet at first I got no LED at all no matter how long I would hold it or what, now I at least get a single white LED flash but then nothing.

    I'm trying to just let it sit for days, drain the battery and then recharge it. It went dead in the middle of a session it was just 1 random shot, stopped reading turned off, no response. Nothing hit the unit, no water, it wasn't plugged in. Only logical explanation is a software glitch that just bricked the unit.

    Any update on your status?

  • Hi brenden,

    I got myself fix.

    Seems the issue is the garmin device not supposed to be used until the battery is below 10% less or until its dead.

    What i do is i left the garmin for like 4-6 days, and then i was able to get the red blink when i plug it to the charger.

    It looks like garmin device still used the battery even when its off, so you just have to let it for a few days and the battery will drain completely and you will be able to charge it.

    Hope you can fix yours Thumbsup

  • Just got mine yesterday.  Plugged into several items such as battery bank and wall usb chaggers and nothing.  No lights in front or back.  So stoked to get yesterday and I cant seem to get it turn on?  Wondering if I have a lemon

  • Hi Brenden did that work for you also, leaving the unit dead then charge it?