Continued drops from Garmin R10 with any device

I know this issue has been brought up in the past, but I haven't seen anything recent on this. 

Has anyone found a workable solution to the disconnects from any device to the Garmin R10?  The level of frustration having to remove the device and re-add it to your phone or ipad, etc. just to get a few shots in is becoming unbearable. 

Some info on my setup and things I've done to try and help:

- Setup is in garage with concrete floors hitting off a nice mat into a golf net

- Laptop, R10 and Phone all within 2 ft of each other

- Added WIFI Mesh unit to my garage, all wifi signal is full bars on each device

- Moved the R10 to a chair, small box, on the ground, changed tilt, nothing seems to matter on position of the R10

- Tried Samsung phone, iphone and ipad, none are better than the other in keeping connection. 

Is it the bluetooth connection that is so unstable?  I never have bluetooth connection issues with any of these devices in my truck or car, so why is it so bad between the devices and the garmin R10? 

  • I found that it was my wifi connection.  All it takes is a small drop in packets to cause the link to break between the garmin and the device.  It was not a bluetooth issue at all.  I would suggest you get a wifi mesh system and set one up close to where you're hitting your garmin and ensuring your internet provider is providing a stable connection. I have found that when a lot of devices are on the network, the drops are increased.  I bought an Orbi wifi mesh system and placed a satellite unit in my garage and that seems to have stabilized the connection for the most part. I can play a full round and only get a few disconnects now.  Good luck!

  • I have full bars on my phone, wifi 6 router is 10' away from my phone and r10. Not sure how I could improve that setup anymore.

  • My guess is you're getting dropped packets in your network, even if it doesn't affect other things much, there is absolutely no retry/recovery capabilities in the garmin r10 code.  It's a huge flaw in my opinion and one that could be easily fixed, but Garmin doesn't seem to care much.  I've heard great things about the SkyTrak, but that's 4x more expensive.

  • If only there was a way to hardwire this unit in. To avoid all the bluetooth/wifi connectivity issues....

  • Make sure bluetooth is off on all devices not in use.

    I've had issues when both my phone and tablet were in range of the R10 unit, even though the unit should only be connected to one of them.

    I'm guessing a bit, but it appears that if the R10 is connected to You tablet, and it somehow looses connection, it automatically switches connection to Your phone and it no longer works.

  • I removed it from the stand. The magnet was causing the issue. Once I recreated the tilt and height it work great. It disconnected after each shot before. Now it work perfectly