Continued drops from Garmin R10 with any device

I know this issue has been brought up in the past, but I haven't seen anything recent on this. 

Has anyone found a workable solution to the disconnects from any device to the Garmin R10?  The level of frustration having to remove the device and re-add it to your phone or ipad, etc. just to get a few shots in is becoming unbearable. 

Some info on my setup and things I've done to try and help:

- Setup is in garage with concrete floors hitting off a nice mat into a golf net

- Laptop, R10 and Phone all within 2 ft of each other

- Added WIFI Mesh unit to my garage, all wifi signal is full bars on each device

- Moved the R10 to a chair, small box, on the ground, changed tilt, nothing seems to matter on position of the R10

- Tried Samsung phone, iphone and ipad, none are better than the other in keeping connection. 

Is it the bluetooth connection that is so unstable?  I never have bluetooth connection issues with any of these devices in my truck or car, so why is it so bad between the devices and the garmin R10?