Club Speed


Does anyone have issues with club speed on the R10. Mine are coming in a range of 20-30mph below what I would expect. For example I know from a fitting that my Driver swing speed is between 114 and 118 yet the R10 club speed cant get past 80 meaning my ball only carries 136 yards. It is the same with my 8i coming in at 60MPH which is way too low. I have updated the firmware and done the calibration so the only thing I can do at the moment is use E6 with 10000 ft altitude to get anyway useable distance.

  • I have read the reports of people not being able to get there are 10 to be accurate and I have been using mine for about two years and never had any problems. My son came over this weekend to hit on the in the garage with the Garman on my indoor set up which I’m going into an impact screen and he is a scratch golfer. He could not get his eight iron to go over 120 yards despite having 80+ mile an hour club, head speed, and the ball speed was coming out less than his club head speed at the same time I was hitting my head iron 150 160 yards with no problem and I have a much slower clubhead speed. Can’t even imagine what would cause the difference in these two other than clubhead speed and it not accurately reading ball speed with the clubhead speed. 

  • If it is the same set up, I may have an explanation.

    You have lower chs, and as a result lower ball speed.

    This will give the unit more time to measure the ball speed.

    If the ball speed is higher, the ball will travel less time from its lie and impact screen.

    Which could result in the Garmin unit misreading the ball speed.

    From Your own posting the chs is measured correctly, but ball speed is not. Just showing that these are measured independently. And for distance calculations, chs is not a factor at all, ball speed is.

    If You can, increase distance between ball and screen.

  • Thanks for your reply. That is what I was thinking just did not think the difference would be so drastic.  I have 10 feet in between ball and impact screen but can’t make it any longer. Seems like there should be some calculation for this.  You need x amount of space for x ball speed

  • hello. did you guys fix the issue? i also stated seeing lower club speed numbers(5, 10 mph) and carry distances(20, 30 yards), as i brought it back to my back garden. i used the r10 on the range for a month before this missreads.

  • This would be a different issue.

    Club head speed should not be depending on any distance issues, and is measured.

    Lower club head speed will result in lower ball speed and distances, but the original issue here was low distance even with high club head speed.

    If the unit measures correct club head speed in Your back yard is impossible for me to tell. It's not uncommon that chs are reduced in confined areas as You are worried to miss the net etc.

  • thanks.i compared it today with a uneekor qed, and still showed me lower distances, club head speed was fairly the same. 20 ish, yards less, from pw upward. I am a 4 handicaper, i can tell the numbers are strange. i have used the r10 outside at a range in florida for 45 days befor these 3 sessions in the garden with net.

  • ok, that is a different issue.

    From Your original post You wrote that the chs was lower, and distances lower. Which is normal.

    The R10 showing lower than expexted distances from PW up is a known issue.

    And I believe especially for low handicappers having normally higher chs and ball speed than the rest of us Slight smile

    I'm not sure, but believe this to be related to the algo that Garmin is using to calculate the distance.

    And many are using elevation settings to compensate.

    I¨m pretty sure that if You use Awesome Golf, You will get better results. You can try for free for a week.

    I don't hit that far (approx 110 yds for a pw), so the results for me are approx the same as on range/course. I may have a 10 yds reduction with my driver, but not easy to tell as I'm not that consistant, and knowing the exact landing point on range/course is not that easy.