Club Speed


Does anyone have issues with club speed on the R10. Mine are coming in a range of 20-30mph below what I would expect. For example I know from a fitting that my Driver swing speed is between 114 and 118 yet the R10 club speed cant get past 80 meaning my ball only carries 136 yards. It is the same with my 8i coming in at 60MPH which is way too low. I have updated the firmware and done the calibration so the only thing I can do at the moment is use E6 with 10000 ft altitude to get anyway useable distance.

  • Ok so I got a levelling stand and measured the distances for setup in order to test the Garmin R10 against my Zepp monitor to check the Club Speed. The Garmin R10 is almost exactly 20KM (that's what Zepp measures in) slower on every shot without fail. Either unit is faulty or cannot handle relatively fast swing speeds, either way it is being returned.

  • That's really odd but if support can't straighten you out (flashing the firmware may work?) you're going to have to exchange it. There are documented videos of R10 being +/- 1 MPH Trackman with the occasional misread.

  • Update on this, i brought my R10 to the driving range with a Trackman and it performed much better with swing speed and distances as you'd expect.

    My setup at home has 8-9 feet to the net so i dont know why it isnt working there.

  • If you find a fix for indoor use, please post here. I myself have had the same issue. I'm a high handicap golfer but at the moment, I can't get my swing speed with a 7i higher than 60 mph and nearly throwing out my back in the process. Have not had a chance to test outside due to Canadian winters, but my 7i flies more than 90-100 yards.

    Thanks in advance for any updates! Cheers

  • Further update: This is getting very interesting now!

    I bought a Skytrak and have set it up alongside my R10. Both show exactly the same results, in that they are both equally wrong. Swing speeds for both are down around 60-70mph, when I know, after Trackman and driving range session with R10, they are 100mph.

    One is using a Doppler radar and the other a Photometric system, how is this possible? I am trying to get an EMF reader to determine if there is some environmental interference with electronic devices in my back garden. I live in a new housing estate that has a nice bit of room for each housing area so this is a very strange one.

  • So did any discover the cause of the CHS being off? Just had two sessions, one on the driving range and one at my outdoor home setup (R10 - 2.1m (6.8ft) to ball - 3m (9.8ft) to net, all perfectly level and aligned). I swing my 9i 120km/h (75mph) effortlessly on the DR. At my outdoor home setup I really really have to work so hard just to reach a 105km/h (65mph). Since the club head speed is measured by radar, I don’t understand why it deviates so much… any insights on this matter?

  • I thought I was either going crazy or thinking I just don't swing as fast as I think..... But I took my r10 to the range and found ch speed to be higher as well.... But this was not happening indoors to me about 2 months ago...... Now I hit 6i on the Garmin like 138 to 155 carry, when I can hit it 170 to 180 on the range,.... I'm starting to think I need to try a mevo plus tbh.... Unless there is some way to have Garmin test it

  • im so tired.been swinging adjusting R10 all kinds of setting (which is crazy) adjusting elevation trying to get proper numbers. why is this issue and needs to be addressed. Ball speed is off at least 15 to 20. 8 iron ball speed 75--79 my normal is 97 ball speed 165 . Im not getting good numbers on driver either working so hard to get ball speed past 130 its truly wearing me out. Indoor sim 9 feet to screen 7 feet from garmin 3/4 rubber flooring  9X12 astro turf area 4X5 3/4 rubber hitting mat. Also latly not getting club speed numbers. 

  • I've only used the R10 & the Garmin Golf App in my garage:  9 feet ball to net & 7 feet ball to R10, concrete floor is covered from R10 to net (with sheet behind net), garage is finished - no other concrete or exposed metal.  I use a metal dot on the Callaway Supersoft (real ball, not the foam ball) golf ball. I also have to modify the weather settings to get a somewhat realistic hitting distance & from what I've learned on YouTube, one weather setting is not good for every club. I really don't know if the weather setting I use (right now it's 4500 ft altitude, 65% humidity, & 85 F based on another YouTube video suggestion) is the best overall setting for me & I sometimes spend time trying different settings. It really is too much trial & error to go through. I'm hoping Garmin comes up with an update that will give realistic numbers when hitting into a net. 

  • Have You tried to power off the projector / Tv?

    There is a video showing crazy things happening with projector on. The solution was to build a faraday cage.

    If Youre 8 iron club speed normally is in high 90's, You should have good reading on Your set up.

    So my guess is interference of some sort.