R10 distances still way short

Hi all

I have been tinkering with my R10 since the 3.9 update (never worked before that, usual solid green issue on backswing).

I was hitting tentatively into a net at first so didn't really pay much attention to the short yardage.

Yesterday my 3mx3mx3m cage for the garden arrived, so I took the day off today to test properly. My device is level and the bottom of legs are level with the tee mat height wise as advised.

All of my distances are way off, varying from 10 yards on short irons, 15-30 on mid to long irons and 30-50 with driver.

I have experimented with differing device heights and between 5-6 foot from R10 to ball with the distance from ball to net a constant 12 feet. Nothng seems to make a difference.

Being an Android user, I cannot calibrate the device in E6 wwith the altitude setting like this guy does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD_Yol7io9g

Is there anything else I can try?

There seems to be so so many users complaining of this, it cannot all be user error!

I am hoping Garmin will do another update to try and rectify these issues. Or at least a workaround similar to the E6 fix.

Even with these failings I absolutely love the device. The shot shape seems spot on, just the swing speed and therefore distances also.

  • Yes Garmin the distance are way off on your apps I never use them now had to buy e6.

    A fix would be great. 

  • I have sent pics of my Garmin setup to Garmin. No response. I have tried several distance layouts and 6 irons and longer including driver are short. I agree. Give us a percentage allowance or elevation change. Still seems like spin rates are too high. I’m hoping Garmin will do a an update to help with distances. I love playing HTH, but very frustrating when you can’t reach most par 4 greens in 2 shots. Let’s do it Garmin. 

  • I have elevation setup at max on E6 and hit drivers 270~280 yards with 135 mph ball speed, but on Garmin driving range it will get me 200~225 yards with same ball speed ~135 mph.  On Garmin driving range, spin rate seems to be too high as it is about 3800~4500 rpm on driver.  It should be 2500~3000 rpm.  Garmin should reduce spin rate on garmin driving range on their calculation to add 20~25% distance on driver

  • I am having the same issues. The unit is calibrated and has ver 3.90 installed but the distances indoors are way off.

  • Hi! there is no way to get 270-280 yards with a 135mph ball speed (it's just impossible) even with perfect spin (2100-2400rpm). 135mph, high smash factor, and good spin usually will carry 230 at most. You are right about backspin, it's usually higher (sometime way off high!), BUT, we have to know wich data is really meassurering and wich data is calculated by software formulas. Remember, here is the data that the R10 is actually meassurering: 

    Ball Speed (+/- 1mph)
    Clubhead Speed (+/- 3mph)
    Launch Angle (+/- 1 degree)
    Launch Direction (+/- 1 degree)
    Back swing and down swing times

    And here are the calculated parameters:

    Spin Axis
    Carry Distance (+/- 5 yards)
    Total Distance
    Club path
    Face Angle (+/- 2 degrees)
    Face to Path
    Apex height (+/- 5 feet)
    Smash Factor
    Angle of attack
    Swing Tempo
    Deviation and Deviation Distance

    So, the actual data that's being meassured will likely be very accurate. All other parameters will depend on how software development and updates can improve on.

    Have a good day sir!

  • The yardage I see with awesome golf simulator software is 100% accurate. Garmin software out by by about 20%. Is there a fix to this as clearly it’s software and not hardware as the same shots in the same set up. One gives right yardage (awesome golf) the other really poor (Garmin) Garmin Connect Mobile iOS

  • I’t has to be software related. The Awesome Golf Sim in exactly the same setup is accurate. The Garmin app software is 20% under. 

  • Same here. 165 to 175 on R10. Normaly between 200 and 225.

  • If you feel like the R10 is not measuring your shot distances correctly, make sure you are looking at the radar derived metrics to see why the shot recorded the way it did. Look at the carry distance, club head speed, ball speed off the club face, and the spin to gauge what it recorded leading to the metrics it produced. 

    You can then take the R10 to an outdoor range hitting off grass, and look at the data. If you see distances showing closer to what you "think" they should be...you should assess you at home setup and determine what environmental factors are causing the concern. 

    Could it be hitting off of a mat does not yield the same results for you as a grass lie does? ...hitting indoors enclosed vs outdoors with wide open space in front of you? Could it be the shot capture is too limited, or something is interfering with the radar capture? 

    These are just some of the factors to consider.