R10 distances still way short

Hi all

I have been tinkering with my R10 since the 3.9 update (never worked before that, usual solid green issue on backswing).

I was hitting tentatively into a net at first so didn't really pay much attention to the short yardage.

Yesterday my 3mx3mx3m cage for the garden arrived, so I took the day off today to test properly. My device is level and the bottom of legs are level with the tee mat height wise as advised.

All of my distances are way off, varying from 10 yards on short irons, 15-30 on mid to long irons and 30-50 with driver.

I have experimented with differing device heights and between 5-6 foot from R10 to ball with the distance from ball to net a constant 12 feet. Nothng seems to make a difference.

Being an Android user, I cannot calibrate the device in E6 wwith the altitude setting like this guy does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD_Yol7io9g

Is there anything else I can try?

There seems to be so so many users complaining of this, it cannot all be user error!

I am hoping Garmin will do another update to try and rectify these issues. Or at least a workaround similar to the E6 fix.

Even with these failings I absolutely love the device. The shot shape seems spot on, just the swing speed and therefore distances also.