Feature Request: Clubhead MPH without ball impact

Swing speed training is becoming commonplace, but owners of launch monitors must sometimes also buy a PRGR because they want swing speed measured without hitting balls with training sticks.

Could we have a 'swing training mode' where club head speed is measured without a ball being struck?

  • I am interested in this feature, and would like to see it implemented! Thanks!

  • Please add this feature for training mode. 

  • Cody, I hope Garmin has something big coming out, as there have been little to no improvements or new features in a long time. What have you all been doing?

  • Adding bad features. Swingid is crap and stop asking me to set the pin location. Get the hint after i don’t do it once in 180 holes!

  • Guys, it's safe to say this isn't happening.

    This post is over 2 years old and is the most requested feature from users by far.

    So if it hasn't happened yet, it's not happening.

    It's too bad because a lot of customers will abandon the Garmin platform and go elsewhere.

    Time to get a Rapsodo.

  • I can’t believe this still hasn’t happened I sold my garmin a good while ago and rarely on this forum anymore. Think I made a wise choice

  • Alrighty then! Last push. Everyone make some noise and get Garmin to add this darn thing or open source it and the community will write the code.

  • I’ve been debating selling my r10 last few months and I’m going to move forward with doing so. I want to start using the stack system this winter. Garmin wont work so I’ll sell it and pick up a prgr. I really only use my r10 for the driving range sim to see distances which are not even super accurate. It wont be a huge loss, actually will save $100 a year.

  • Hi all.

    2 years now, and apperently very difficilt to implement.

    Tonight, in my garage, I was going to do a session on GSPro, and did some warm up swings without hitting a ball.

    To my surprise I saw some numbers appear on the connector..

    wtf, chs and club path? This can't be correct?

    Turns out that the R10 is actually sending these data for every swing, regardless of You hitting a ball or not.. And probably has done so all the time.

    Too little time to tell anything about the accuracy, appears that the chs is a couple of mph lower than when I'm actually hitting the ball.

    Which is what the same I've seen on my PRGR.

    Travelling for a week now, but will definately look into this more when I'm back.

    It may be that You don't need GSPro to get the club head speed / club path data. I didn't check if the mhollow connector showed them.

    But if the data can be sent to GSpro, they definately can be sent to a screen or a file.

    Maybe they will also appear in E6.

    And Garmin: as You probably know already, the data is there. just for You to show them in the app. And I really can't understand why this should be so difficult. 

    Btw, anyone with GSPro and speed sticks that can check if it works with those also?