Approach R10 Bluetooth Pairing Mode

How do you put the Approach R10 into Bluetooth pairing mode?

The manual says to hold in the button for 3 seconds until the status LED turns solid blue for bluetooth pairing mode.

When I hold the button on my new R10 down, the status light turns solid green for a couple seconds, then briefly flashes blue then red before blinking white. 

Sometimes it pairs with my iPad Pro. Sometimes it just won't connect.

Is the manual incorrect, or is my R10 malfunctioning?


From the R10 manual:

(Button: Press to turn the device on. Hold for one second to turn the device off. 

With the device turned off, hold until the status LED turns blue to enter pairing mode.

Status LED Activity Status 

Solid blue The device is in pairing mode. 

Flashing blue The device is reconnecting to the previously connected smartphone.)