Approach R10 Bluetooth Pairing Mode

How do you put the Approach R10 into Bluetooth pairing mode?

The manual says to hold in the button for 3 seconds until the status LED turns solid blue for bluetooth pairing mode.

When I hold the button on my new R10 down, the status light turns solid green for a couple seconds, then briefly flashes blue then red before blinking white. 

Sometimes it pairs with my iPad Pro. Sometimes it just won't connect.

Is the manual incorrect, or is my R10 malfunctioning?


From the R10 manual:

(Button: Press to turn the device on. Hold for one second to turn the device off. 

With the device turned off, hold until the status LED turns blue to enter pairing mode.

Status LED Activity Status 

Solid blue The device is in pairing mode. 

Flashing blue The device is reconnecting to the previously connected smartphone.)

  • Hello! You are using the golf app while going through this pairing process?

    To use this device, you must pair it with the Garmin Golf app.

    1. From the app store on your smartphone, install and open the Garmin Golf app.
    2. Bring your smartphone near your device.
    3. Press the button to turn on your device. The first time you turn on the device, it automatically enters pairing mode, and the status LED is  solid blue. TIP: You can hold the button while the device is off until the status LED turns solid blue to manually enter pairing mode.
    4. From the 3 bar or 3 dot menu in the app, select Garmin Devices > Add Device, and follow the on-screen instructions.

    You can also ensure the software on the device is up to date. This can be done with Garmin Express.

    Update Golf Courses and Device Software on an Approach

    If issues persist, please reach out to the Golf Product Support team. You can reach them using the contact info at the following link. We are happy to further assist.

    Contact Us for More Help

  • Thanks for the suggestions.

    Apparently the R10 can only pair with one device at a time, at least when it comes to my Android phone and iPad Pro.

    Once my Android phone is paired with the R10, my iPad will not simultaneously connect with the R10, no matter what I do. 

    I spent 30 frustrating minutes trying to connect my iPad with the R10. Now I realize that the R10 auto-connected with the Android phone in my pocket.

  • The Garmin Golf app is rock solid on my iPad Pro, with bluetooth automatically connecting/disconnecting when I turn the R10 on/off.

    The E6 Connect software is another story. Every time I run E6, I have to a) manually login, 2) put the R10 in pairing mode, 3) Go to the Bluetooth settings page and manually tap Garmin Approach R10 on the My Devices list. Eventually it connects.  Same thing happens on my 3-year-old iPad Pro and on a brand new iPad Air. I guess E6 didn't spend much time on automating the bluetooth connection.

  • It seems to me that the R10 can only be paired with one device at a time.  I don't mean connected; I mean paired.  I initially paired it with my iphone 11 according to the instructions and it was quick and easy.  I then turned BT off on my iphone 11 and attempted to pair it to my iPad.  It would not connect.  I tried to pair it to my iphone 7 and it still didn't work.  I then tried to pair it to my wife's iphone 11 and it would not connect.  Again, the bluetooth on my iphone 11, which is what I initially successfully paired it to, was turned off completely. 

    If this is the case, how does one delete a BT pairing to create another one?  I realized pretty quickly that I don't want this paired and connected to my iphone but to my larger screened iPad.  How do you factory reset the R10 or at least reset BT pairings?

    On a separate, but not unrelated note, it sucks that this device can't be paired to multiple devices at once.  To be fair, any device I've ever used hasn't allowed this (BT earbuds for example), but when you use the video recording feature on the R10, it's a pain in the ass to have to go back to your phone after each swing or set of swings to look at the video.  It would be nice for the R10 to use the phone pairing for the video recording and then the iPad for looking at numbers.  Also, to be fair, 600 bucks so I guess we can't expect too much...

  • I have my iPad Pro and Pixel 5 paired to the R10.  It seems fairly seamless to switch between devices, typically turn off BT on phone because it’s easier, or “connecting” to the R10 from the device I want to use. So it can definitely pair to multiple devices… I had my Windows laptop chaired at one point also, but haven’t tried connecting lately.

    Sorry for the obvious… have you restarted the iPhone in a while? Grin

  • I tried everything and finally got it to pair. I don’t even know how I did it. This is very disappointing. It should be as easy as using my earbuds...

  • Hi guys 

    Got my R10 yesterday and connected it to my android phone via garmin golf on the first attempt. Seamless

    Tried connecting it to my ipad so I can use E6 and I can't for the life of me get it to work 

    I've unpaired it from my android, removed it from the Bluetooth device list and also from garmin golf, put the R10 into pairing mode (solid blue light) but the ipad can't find it when I go to "add device" in the garmin golf app 

    It now won't connect to my android either so it's useless 

    All software on all devices is fully up to date, I've restarted all devices etc but it simply won't pair with either the android or the ipad 

    Any ideas? 

  • Hi sorry to bother you, I am having virtually the same issues as you, did you manage to get it to pair to both of your devices in the end or just to your iPad? (Obviously not at the same time) but I would like to have the option of one or other if possible. I’ve got an iPad Air running 14.8 and an iPhone11. I also want to use it on the iPad rather than the phone, I have uninstalled it from my phone and removed it from the Bluetooth list. My iPad still doesn’t pick it up as a Bluetooth device. I’ve done latest update through garmin express. I’m now going to try and see if I can do anything in garmin express. Thank you.

  • No problem. I had the same problem and now I have it paired to my android phone and my ipad. I have also unpaired and tried again with the same result. 

    If your phone (or any other device) is already paired to the R10 make sure you have turned their Bluetooth off. Then follow these steps 

    Turn R10 off 

    Turn R10 on and wait a couple of seconds 

    Enter pairing mode by holding the power button until the led goes solid blue 

    At this point you can pair using the garmin golf app 

    if you try and enter pairing mode by holding the power button when the unit is off, the led goes blue so it appears to be in pairing mode but it doesn't work - the phone/pad can't find it. You have to go into pairing mode when R10 is already on for some reason. At least that's the case with my unit 

    Good luck 

  • If anyone is having similar issues as above I went into Garmin express with the R10 connected.. I went to utilities and down to clear upload history. It was then recognised straight away by my iPad when I went to pair mode.. it seems as others have previously said that it will only enable to pair to one device, which is rather disappointing, as I’d like to use the iPad at my home setup and I’d like to be able to use my iPhone at the range. Hopefully this is something Garmin will eventually address.