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Garmin G80 Course update problem

For some reason i have this strange problem that everytime i try to update my coverages the garmin express fails. It fails when the installer tries to install the files on the Garmin. Downloads goes smoothly.

I have tried just about anything on the webpage and even tried deleting all files on the unit in order to install new ones. The Express software are not able to restore a unit with files removed. Which is kind of disappointing. 

Now i have restored the files as is and are currently running with

Coursview americas: 6.40

Courseview Europe and middle east: 6.0

Courseview Pacific: 5.5

Would be cool if there is a way to hard reset the files on the unit so i can get them to update regularly. 

  • September 2022 I have the problem. Tried everything including direct connect to modem, run as administrator, and turning off firewall. Garmin support said no place to return to them for factory reset or update. Now my $499 device is useless.

  • Actually after a Garmin express update some time ago i was able to reinstall the Map package. This solved the issue for my part. 

  • Hi thanks for the response. I am using the latest garmin express version V. but it still does not update the data or the device. the device does not show any courses at this time. I received a zip file but will not use it for security reasons. thanks

  • Make sure that the default web browser is not interfering with Garmin Express communicating with the Garmin server to our website. Typically you would need a conventional browser set as the default like Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome set...or (Safari, or Chrome if using MacOS). 

    Depending on VPN, or security software installed to the computer, those also can affect Garmin Express from being able to operate and install updates properly. 

    It is important that the computer being used is a home computer, and not a company-based work computer. Ensure that all System updates are current for your home computer, and often .NET framework updates are needed. 

    The Garmin Express Fails to Install or Update on a Windows Computer and the Garmin Express Fails to Install or Update on a Mac Computer support pages go in-depth on suggestions to ensure your home computer system is setup to allow the Garmin Express program to function properly for updates to devices.