Save Radar (launch monitor) Data Against a Club. Not just shot tracking in GPS.

It is a must to be able to assign Radar data to a club and save it.

This is similar to shot tracking, but would be more on a driving range. i.e. hit 10 ball with 7 iron, 8 iron and get average data.

so over the life of the device you can average your yardage per club.

If you want this feature please comment below. I think it will add a lot, basically turn this into a real launch monitor, so you can capture and understand your data/hits/carry/club head speed

  • Who would not want such a basic function?
    This why im so puzzled of Garmin, that it somehow needs a vote to implement functions that would be great, functions that would make the device so much better. Imagine if the G80 had this form the beginning, instead of still missing it several years later. We could then suggest them to make it possible to control the club selection with your smart watch so that you wouldnt even have to bend down to tap the screen of the G80.

  • I totally agree Andreas!

    When I bought the G80 I really expected there to be some rudimentary shot statistics function or a way to communicate with the device to retrieve the data. To me it is an obvious feature that should just be there. Now I am thinking of upgrading to the new R10 but I am hesitating since I have lost trust in Garmin products. What obvious functions are missing on the R10?  Will we need a 4 year public poll to discuss them again?

  • I purchased my G80 years ago.  I did not realize that it did not record radar data until after I purchased it


    Please add me to the Developers request to add this feature.

  • Has this feature ever been added?

  • Update February 21, 2023: 

    We are still looking into this feature request, and currently we do not have any updates regarding the option to save and incorporate radar based club tracking for the virtual and warm up features currently offered on the Approach G80. 

    If there are any further announcements going forward regarding this feature, I will update you all in the post. 

  • Hi any update on this feature? This is exactly what I was looking for with my G80. Practice yard book for the app linked to the G80

    Just have the phone app have you select a club then link to the Garmin, and swing away at the range. Store head and ball speed and distance and tempo. I do this manually now. 

  • Not at this time, any further information relating to offering savable sim sessions features will be relayed in an update to the verified blue box answer for this thread.