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G80 Club Selection and Swing Data

I can see that a number of users have already enquired about a software upgrade that will enable the G80 swing results to be assigned to a selected club and to be collated so that data can be analysed. I wondered if there is any update on this?

I just received my G80 and was very disappointed to find that I couldn’t assign a club before each swing, collect the data for each swing or later analyse the swing data through the paired app. This should have been a key feature of this device and is something that is often included in free golf apps. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have bought this device if I’d known about its lack of data collection function and will look to return it if you have no plans to update the functionality in the near future. It’s such a shame as this device has great potential, but your sales are going to be seriously hurt by this lack of data collection function.

  • We are actively adding impacts to the request for Approach G80 owners that are reaching out to us.

  • Exactly my opinion! I bought the G80 but was looking at a Voice Caddy 300 before and really loved the app features detailing the club data. I bought the G80 for the virtual rounds, but I´m quite disapointed that there is no club tracking and the stats are not transfered to the app.

    The data is there, so I really don´t understand why this is not possible. Especially with the Corvid-19 lockdowns this could be really valuable insights for training sessions.



  • Funny you should say that. I’ve just returned and exchanged my G80 for a Voice Caddie SC300. It’s simply based on being able to collect and make use of the shot data. Garmin did respond to be fair to them, but it appears that there’s no plan to update the software to enable data collection, and I could see that someone asked this very question 7 months ago! I therefore felt that it was unlikely they’d be making this option a reality for this model. It’s a shame as I really liked the device and the option to play virtual courses (something the SC300 doesn’t have) as well as the fact that it acts as a gps device. Ultimately, I think Garmin could have taken most of Voice Caddie’s business if they’d got this element right, but too little too late for me personally. I’m really enjoying using the app for the SC300 and getting the immediate feedback when trying to improve the accuracy of my numbers. Can’t have everything I suppose... well, unless you’re willing to spend £15K!

  • I want to endorse this feature as well (but I don't know how so I'm writing this reply). I hope that the product owner for G80 will realize this is a feature wanted by the market.

  • Contact Garmin and have them add you to the firmware update for the G80 or find my topic and see the guy named Chris that's an Admin here. He will have you added to the request. The more people that request this feature the better chance we have to get it added.  Chris has been prompt and professional in my dealings.

  • Same here. I have a pad of paper and a pencil to capture my swing data from the G80 and then I type it into Excel. What a waste of time caused by an expensive device that should already be able to do this out of the box! I've had my G80 for 2 weeks and I'm already looking for something else.

  • Chris - can you add me as well to the software update?

  • Hi Chris, could I also be added for the software/firmware update please? I would love to see this feature updated as I use the launch monitor weekly and find the distances to be relatively accurate. Thank

  • Can I be added to this software update as well?  Be nice to have club performance tracking.  

    Otherwise I might be returning the G80 as well.  

  • Hi Chris, could I also be added for the software/firmware update please? I would love to see this feature updated as I find the distances very accurate. Thank