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Where can I see the data I was shown at the end of my round?

I saw miles walked and round time, but I can't find this anywhere in the golf app or connect app.


  • Hello, in either the Connect app or the Connect website you'll select Activities > All Activities to see those metrics listed for any Golf rounds you did. 

  • Looking on the connect app, it just forces me back to dashboard when I click Activities > All Activities, then click the link in the text on that screen saying.

    Go to Getting Started ( and choose your Garmin device for information about uploading activities.

    There are no activities when looking at the connect website.

    I can see my round in the Golf app, but no metrics like miles walked and round time that appeared on the watch after I completed the round.

  • Did you go through adding your device to the app with Bluetooth? If you select Menu > Garmin Devices in Connect is the G12 connected? 

    If you continue to have issues, I would suggest reaching out to the Golf Product Support team using the contact section on the support page linked below. They may need to walk you through some troubleshooting.

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