app: Indoor Walking

(waiting for approval in the store, and then a link will be provided)

An app for the vivoactive, and the new forerunners to record an indoor walk.

This is basically a stripped down version of "hike" ( as it doesn't use GPS.

It supports the Tempe Sensor, HRM, and a Footpod.

There are 4 Screens:

-Time and Distance
-Speed and Pace
-Steps and Calories

The Time of Day and Temperature (if available) and Heart Rate (if available) is shown on all screens.

Press "start" to start recording. Pressing it again pauses the recording, and allows resuming, saving, or discarding the recording.
The "Back" button will mark a lap in the recording.
  • The blue is difficult to see on the black background. It would be awesome if we could change the background color to white (and the white font color to black, of course).

    Love this little app, by the way. It solves my biggest complaint about the FR235.
  • Version 0.15

    An update to Indoor Walk is now in the store (0.15), and it allows you to use either a white or black background.

    To do this, before pressing "start", press menu (On non-touch devices, often a long press of "up"). When recording, the options are on the "resume/save/discard" menu when you press "start". (on some devices, the long press of "up" can trigger a normal up, so that menu is disabled).

    This version also includes some cosmetic changes on devices (a larger time, if possible, etc)
  • Hi,
    I'm still a Newbie with my fenix 5s, as I bought it only 3 weeks ago - and I've been searching for an app for walking without GPS, as I'm often on my way inside of big production plants.
    Someone suggested InWalk - and I must say, it's really what I needed, but unfortunately I have some problems:

    1. It seems, that the app calculates only the half distance (km) from done steps. I noticed this some days ago during a 2km walk.
    A collegue of mine and I just tested a short walk - he with GPS, I with InWalk: 341 steps - he: 0,3km / but I only: 0,14km.
    Do I have to adjust my personal length of steps somewhere?
    Or does your app calculate the length in "Miles" - though in my fenix 5S the setting in "Kilometers" and it's shown "km"?
    I didn't find an option - neither for selection miles/kilometers, nor for step length. (Normal "Standard" length shoud be 0,75m - or something like that).

    2. It seems that the light of fenix 5S switches ON automatically, when I look at the watch in the dark. Thats great. But it seems the light doesn't switch OFF automatically. I always have to push the button to switch off the light. It's not good for battery, because I often forget it)

    3. Is it possible, to have on first screen both: Steps AND Distance?
    (In the moment I only can see the distance on page 1 - but not correct - see point 1 / Steps are on page 3)

    4. After walk and after "SAVE" there is always a failure sign, that saving is not possible. But the walks are always saved correctly. What does this mean?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Best regardas
  • OK,
    1). While you are walking, are you holding on to something? Maybe pushing a cart or something? This can impact your steps and distance.
    2) That could be related to your backlight settings on the watch. When it comes on. etc
    3) That would be a change to the code
    4) THat's probably when you are syncing. It could be it syncs correctly a few minutes later

    You might want to try something like the indoor track or treadmill activity. That won't use GPS, but you can see if the data looks the same.
    You can also copy the standard walk activity and call it something like "inside" and then turn off GPS for it.
  • Hi,
    thanks for quick response. Here my answers:

    1) No. I didn't hold anything. I think, this can't be the problem. It`s already visible during manual calculation of my example: 341 Steps done
    - your app calculated 0,14 "anything" (my watch shows "0,14km"). This would be: 41cm each step. This is not possible... much too small...
    - 0,14 miles = 0,22km : This would be 64cm each step. IMHO still a little bit too small - but acceptable.
    You don't think, it's a problem of Miles/Kilometers (yard/cm)?
    Which step length (km; cm) did you choose for calculation?

    2. I don't know. why. Other actions (e.g. outside walk with GPS) don't switch on the light automatically at all. Only your app does. I don't know the reason...
    3. I know. So - It's not possible??
    4. I made many walks with InWalk. It's every time the same: Smartphone is directly nearby - always appears the failure alert - but always it saves correctly. I don't know why...

    In case there is no sulution, unfortunately have to try somethis different. But it's a pity... I like your app really very much...
  • Walking can be a bit odd, in that things like steps are only counted if there are "enough". If you take 5 steps and then stop for a bit, take 5 more, stop again, you might not see any steps, as the watch might think you are just moving your arm and not actually walking. When you walk, are you doing a bunch of start/stops, or is it constant?
  • I made the test - as I've written. It was only a short test with my colleague, because I found some problems during my past activities. He walked with GPS, I walked with InWalk.
    Both, we had about 341 steps - but a total different distance.

    But I think, you didn't understand right - or I explained wrong (sorry... my English is not the best - I'm from Germany):
    It's not a problem of counting steps.
    Your activity counted the steps during this test correctly - and it's showing in the watch and in Android after synchrinisation the following data:
    - Time: 3:10 min
    - Steps: 341
    - Distance: 0,14km
    ->>> But IMHO 341 steps NEVER can be 0,14km. (I think, probably it could be 0,14 Miles - but I don't know the calculation...)
  • If he was using GPS, what does the track look like in Garmin Connect? If you were inside, I can see that could make the distance incorrect as GPS could be the incorrect one. I can get GPS distance while sitting in a char and not even moving around.

    341 steps isn't really a good test, .Maybe try it over an hour or so
  • OK - I will try it again with a longer Distance. But it will take a while...

    Again 1 question:
    Where can I find the steps of past walks in Garmin Connect - Android?
    I didn't find it up to now... But I've just seen the steps in my exports to YAZIO App - so, it must be somewhere.

    Normally I use outside walking or hiking with GPS.
    But for saving battery power or for short ways inside plants or for measurement of distances, I want to use InWalk. As I'have been using it only for some days, I only have some test walks:

    0341 steps - 0,14km = step length: 0,41m
    1736 steps - 0,97km = step length: 0,55m
    2186 steps - 1,22km = step length: 0,55m
  • This app only reports what I get from the firmware and doesn't calculate anything itself.