New SDK and documentation for Fenix 6?

Just saw the release of the Fenix 6 - looks cool and sounds awesome  (Shame there isn't a sapphire + solar combination but I can imagine the reason for that …)

Anyway, I notice the Fenix 6 has a larger display: options for 260x260 and 280x280 (compared to old 240x240). The first things that come to mind are:

  • Need a new CIQ SDK to be able to build versions for the Fenix 6 - so when should it get released?
  • Larger display size means more memory used by similarly scaled up graphics assets - so is there more memory available for CIQ apps to use? (E.g. currently up to 92.1kB for watch face apps). Will there be documentation for the Fenix 6 listing all the specifications for development like the display size?

Any other info welcome!

Edit: glance-able mode for widgets (3 per screen) sounds great - but more code for this for CIQ widgets will also need more memory?