info.currentPower not available in Edge Explore (SDK 3.0.10)

I was testing one of my datafields in the simulator today and I hit a strange problem (bug?) while simulating an Edge Explore device.

The exact error is:

Could not find symbol 'currentPower'
Symbol Not Found Error

The line of code that generates the error:

cpower = info.currentPower != null ? info.currentPower : 0;

The same code is working fine on every other simulated Edge device. I can confirm that other power values are missing as well in the info object only for the Edge Explore in the simulator:



I was able to repro this with SDK 3.0.9 and 3.0.10.

According to the API documentation this information should be available for all Edge devices so I would assume this is a simulator issue.

Can someone please confirm this?