info.currentPower not available in Edge Explore (SDK 3.0.10)

I was testing one of my datafields in the simulator today and I hit a strange problem (bug?) while simulating an Edge Explore device.

The exact error is:

Could not find symbol 'currentPower'
Symbol Not Found Error

The line of code that generates the error:

cpower = info.currentPower != null ? info.currentPower : 0;

The same code is working fine on every other simulated Edge device. I can confirm that other power values are missing as well in the info object only for the Edge Explore in the simulator:



I was able to repro this with SDK 3.0.9 and 3.0.10.

According to the API documentation this information should be available for all Edge devices so I would assume this is a simulator issue.

Can someone please confirm this?


  • Pretty sure the Edge Explore does not support power meters. You’ll find that the API docs are often incomplete or outdated when it comes to stuff like supported devices.

    “What doesn’t it include though? Mostly features that are designed at more competitive athletes. For example, no Strava Live Segments (but you can do Strava Routes and upload to Strava), as well as no structured workouts or advanced training load metrics…or power meter support.  But that’s kinda it. Almost everything else it has, save a few minor nuanced type things I’ll dive into below.“

  • In looking at the doc, I'm thinking that it was "all edge devices" as of when the list was last updated, as it's clearly missing the fenix 5 plus devices and the variants to those and the fenix 5 devices, so it's been a while.

    So, I'm thinking the sim is correct but the doc wasn't updated for the edge explore device (and likely the edge 130).

    For this, I'd trust the sim.

    Update:  I checked the specs on the edge explore (from DCR's review) and one of the things is:

    – No Power meter support (or power meter metrics like TSS/NP/IF)

    From what I see, does seem that it might be available on the edge 130 though.

  • According to the configuration file I'm looking at, bike power support is not available on that device. This configuration is shared by both the simulator and the device, so it should be consistent between the two.

  • Thanks everyone for checking this out and sorry for not checking myself the device specs.

    Next time for sure I will do it.

    Having said that as mentioned in the thread I found that there are several docs in the SDK that need some love. Updated docs would save a lot of time and questions in the forums I guess.