No additional information in widgets in IQ Store

The device (Fenix 5 Plus) is notifying, that to take this feature of a widget into use, visit IQ Store for details.

However no additional information shows on Garmin released Army - watchface for instance, yet the 11th face does not show.

It would be most desirable, that there really was piece of advice on the matter restricting taking the feature into use.

Also some of the widget "manuals" in the description are written without structure, no action items etc. Would be easier to follow, if there was clear sub headers on features.
  • In addition to the complain above, the pics at IQ Shop the watchface has really dense colors, but the device show the face really dull with rather lame contrast even with the backlight on max. Yellow dots are kind of dulled orange.

    There is this third small cauge on the opposite to day with numbers 100 at the top, 25 on right 50 at the bottom and 75 on the left of this small cauge. What exactly does it present?
  • I think that gauge is the battery meter.

    As far as the device colors go, yeah, lots of ppl have complained that they look washed out IRL. It's a totally different kind of display versus your phone, laptop, desktop monitor or TV. It saves battery and it's readable outdoors in direct sunlight. Could Garmin simulate these colors better for screenshots? Maybe, but I'm guessing they don't want to.
  • The pictures in the app store are provided by the app developers. Garmin just hosts them.

    And in many cases, they are screen shots from the CIQ simulator on a pc/mac using that display and colors.