Widget Reset Bug Update Thread


Everywhere, here, on Reddit, people are complaining about the widget reset bug when using the mobile version of Garmin Connect. To prevent spam (unless there's another thread that I'm not aware of?) I've created this thread to keep up to date on this problem and possible fixes.


  • One thing to try is to set what you want using GCM, and not on the watch itself. In the past, there were times GCM would over-ride what you set on the watch itself, so it kept changing back. What watch are you seeing this on?
  • I'm on the Tactix Charlie; if I use the iOS GC app, 9/10 out of 10 times it re-adds default widgets and apps. The only way to have a "clean" experience is to you Garmin Express.
  • While the CIQ folks can pass this on to the proper group (it's not CIQ related), have you tried contacting the general Garmin Support group?
    That could be a bit faster..
  • I wrote in about 2 weeks ago and got this:

    "We are aware of this issue and are working to push a fix for it into the next Garmin Connect Mobile update. There is currently no ETA on this, however we expect to release it soon.

    Kind regards,


    Garmin Europe"

    Users online suggest that it's a bug that's been around for some time, though.