Garmin Eclipse Plugin on OSX

I am totally frustrated with the Garmin SDK.

It is the worst development environment I have ever used (Xcode, Android Studio amongst others)

It provides run time error messages but the amount of information is pretty random, often nothing, sometimes a line number but no hyperlink, rarely a line number and hyperlink.

Debugging fails more often than it works. I am often unable to set a breakpoint. The simulator frequently crashes and needs to be reset. Sometimes the plugin crashes Eclipse itself and this has to be reset.

I end up println(ing) - just as I did debugging embedded software some two decades ago!

And yes, I have tried re-installing Eclipse, Plugins etc... and have experimented with permissions within workspace directories.

Is the plugin compatible with the version of Eclipse below? (there is only direction on the earliest supported version of Eclipse) and if not what would you suggest?

Does anyone else develop on OSX and have they had similar problems?

I am running Eclipse IDE for Java Developers, Version: 2018-12 (4.10.0), Build id: 20181214-0600 on my Mac Mojave 10.13.3.

If I had hair I would be pulling it out!