VA3 App crash when step goal reach

My watch app crash with this log :

Error: Too Many Arguments Error
Details: 'Failed invoking <symbol>'
Time: 2019-03-09T16:38:16Z
Part-Number: 006-B2700-00
Firmware-Version: '5.90'
Language-Code: fre
ConnectIQ-Version: 3.0.8
Store-Id: 1299ab43-97c6-43bf-ba41-cd656d2ee1e6
Store-Version: 4
Filename: EDE28C23
Appname: Archerie
- pc: 0x10000204
- pc: 0x30001d39
- pc: 0x30001f00

from what I understand/check it's between those lines (0x10000204)

dc.setColor(Graphics.COLOR_BLACK, Graphics.COLOR_TRANSPARENT);
dc.drawText( _canvas_w/2, _canvas_h/2,

as it as work for hours before crashing, and so only thnigs that change is that at time of crash my daily steps goal was reach and the watch try to display it, I think it was my root cause.

note: 0x30001d39, 0x30001f00 seem to be in the watch firmware if I understand correctly the format.

any help would be appreciated