Oregon 700 - info.calories is not correct

I got a report about huge values in my fat burner app.The fat burner value is a pretty simple calculation that's based on the info.calories value.

I had a friend verify with a test build on his oregon 700 and it appears that the info.calories value contains a huge 10 digit number (which is also different from the internal calorie value), so probably the info.calories value is not properly assigned to the connect iq info.calories variable....

to reproduce:
* create a simple datafield targetting the oregon 700, inside the compute function place the following - replace square by round brackets
if [info.calories == null] {
return 0;
} else {
return info.calories;

* create a build for the device, deploy it and run it.

Edit: the Rino is also affected by this bug, so in case that team is a seperate team, be sure to notify them of this bug too.