SW Version 11.18

Neue Funktionen (über den Morgenreport freu ich mich besonders):

Change LogAdded the Grade Adjusted Pace data field that displays your average pace adjusted by the steepness of the terrain.
Added running power data to activities without the need for a running dynamics accessory.
Added the backcountry snowboard activity to the list of available activities.
Added a morning report when you wake up that features the weather, your sleep summary, HRV status, and more.
Improved the backcountry ski and snowboard activities to automatically detect climbs, descents, and transition time.
Improved daily workout suggestions to help you train for events on your Garmin Connect calendar.
Added support for Sleep Mode.
Added support for Primary Wearable and Primary Training Device (Unified Training Status).
Added Simplified Device Pairing Experience.
Added support for configuring activity alerts in GCM.
Added option to delete Strength workouts.
Added temperature recording activity setting.
Fixed issue where daily active calories total could be incorrect.
Fixed issue where Indoor Bike activity could start on wrong data screen.
Fixed distance discrepancies in Reference Point app.
Added ability to customize Do Not Disturb mode settings.
Added prompt to select activity profile when launching a workout from the Calendar glance.
Fixed GCT Balance data field font size.
Fixed issue where a random value could be displayed on the Edit Reps page.
Fixed sleep data uploads through Garmin Express.
Fixed possible crash on Edit Set page.
Fixed issues with compass calibration.
Fixed lock/unlock banner not displaying on watch face.
Fixed issue that could cause CIQ watch faces to crash.
Fixed issue where CIQ watch faces would crash after alarms.
Fixed CIQ number font mapping