700i Power Drain

I'm experiencing a Power Drain Problem on my Montana 700i when the device is turned off. On Saturday 5/21/22 I charged to 100 percent. Turned the device off. On Saturday 5/28/22 powered on the device and it showed 96% Power I then turned off the device again. On Today Wednesday 6/8/22 I turned the device on and it showed 94% Power. It seems there is a drain somewhere. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Mind you this is with the device turned off completely.

I contacted Garmin Support and the support person said this in Normal. Anyone experiencing this problem? This is what they said:

"I respect your request for your Montana to be inspected, however based on the information you’ve provided the drain you are seeing is expected. To answer some of your questions, a medium temp would be around room temperature, so between 68ºF /20ºC and 77ºF/25ºC. Any colder or hotter may contribute to battery drain. You stated you kept it in a temperature-controlled room, so it sounds like it was stored in the ideal environment. While testing for that two-week period, you stated the first week it went from 100% on 5/21/22 to 96% on 5/28/22 which is a 4% drain. You powered it off on the 28th then 10 days later, on 6/8/22 you powered it back on and it depleted another 2%, now being at 94%. After speaking with our Help Desk, who also confirmed with our quality team, we would consider this drain in the realm of normal for the Montana as rechargeable batteries self-discharge gradually over time. The percentage can vary with the brand and capacity, but most brand-new Li-ion self-discharges about 5% in the first 24 hours and then loses around 3% percent per month once it’s on normal charge cycle. (Your charge cycle will also influence the batteries abilities to hold and use a charge correctly.)


If we were going off the average for the battery drain you have already seen while testing, the drain you could expect would be at or around 3% per week (again this may change depending on your charge cycle). To answer your question about keeping it powered off for one month on your desk and what sort of drain you would see, it could be around 12%. This would be if you did not use the device at all or powered it on, the percentage could also differ if you used it outside depending on the temps during a one-month trip. As for keeping an extra power bank with you, we recommend doing this if you intend to power the device on and use it. You have done some great research and already have the device in Expedition mode, so you are on a great path to keep a steady battery while on a trip. However, having an emergency power bank is great if a device is accidentally left on overnight or you need to pair it to your phone etc.


We take battery discharging very seriously and we want to make sure your device is functioning as it should. We would consider self-discharges over 15% or more within a 2-3-day period when powered off well out of the realm of normal. I am not sure how new your Montana is but, we recommend allowing it a few (usually 3-4) charge and depletion cycles to allow the battery to perform at its best abilities. Always make sure that your device is up to date, to check this follow these steps - Updating the Software on Your Montana 700i or 750i. If you begin to see depletions greater than what’s expected, that’s when we would want to bring the device in for evaluation."