Why do my rounds appear in weekly leaderboard despite privacy settings?

Dear Garmin and other users

I have my golf app privacy settings set to "only me" and "do not share / show" performance on ranking lists. Still I appear on the weekly golf leaderboard for every course I play. There is a cross in the upper right corner (on the garmin connect website) but when I try to discard a weekly leaderboard event a dialogue screen pops up saying it cannot be done due to "technical reasons".

I would be happy if someone could shed some light one these three questions

1. Will it always be like this no matter settings? I was under the impression one hade to be invited or invite others to a leaderboard.

2. If yes, is it only me who can see my position on the weekly leaderboard?

3. If yes, how come I see a lot of other players on the leaderboard for comparison if they cannot see me?

I would prefer all my stats to be private, be it running or playing golf.