BaseCamp to Explore

I am a pretty heavy user of BaseCamp with lots of tracks and waypoints recorded with my 66st and 60CSx imported into BC and mapped as hiking trails, etc. I think I will just continue to use BC for now as it probably will continue just fine for a while as long as I don't update to the latest version with the map loading bug. BUT, I have been playing around with the inReach Explore website, (won't be using either phone app for now), just to see what I can figure out.

Main question now is that I can not find any way to import BaseCamp data into my Explore map/collection on the website. Garmin does have instructions:
  • Login at (Which is a bad link, I find Explore now at
  • Select the Map tab.
  • Click.
  • Select Import GPX, KML, KMZ.
  • Select Import As Tracks or Import As Routes.
  • Select a Collection or your Library to import to.

For me in Chrome, the import button does not do anything except darken the screen like in the attached screenshot. The red arrow points to something at the top of the darkened Explore window that shows when clicking "import". but I don't know what it is and can not uncover it. I was thinking if Garmin is discontinuing BC and developing the Explore website and apps, then the first thing many would want to do is import their BC collections into Explore. Am I missing something about how to do this? Thanks.

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