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Carplay support

It will be nice to have CarPlay availability for Garmin Explore. Using CarPlay on my bike and enjoy if I can use Explore . Is there any plan on this side by Garmin ?

  • You must not forget that Garmin devices are EXPENSIVE NAVIGATION TOOLS THAT ALREADY MAKE MONEY FOR GARMIN. A company that doesn't provide customers with adequate products for the price we pay will not make money to pay their employees.

    Grow up. My four year old, $250 iPad with Gaia is a better navigation tool than a $750 Garmin. It's rechargeable in the car, has a larger screen, responds faster to touch, works seamlessly with Bluetooth or carplay as I choose... And can also play movies and read books out loud.

    If you're going to jump on a three month old thread, be less condescending and much smarter in your reply. Garmin isn't worth the prices they charge. 

  • result is I've deserted all my Garmin solutions, and do not upgrade anyway towards new ones , for some more open ones ... 

  • Agreed. I admit that I love my Garmin Instinct smartwatch, but I will buy no other Garmin products until they start listening to customers. In fact, when one of their employees locked a thread after telling customers they had no intention of providing a much-requested software change, I took not one, but TWO $700 Garmin GPS devices out of my Amazon shopping cart and chose not to buy. 

    Garmin will learn or they will not. Either way, I'll use other devices that are cheaper and work more effectively in the field.