Adding waypoints to a route so they will show on Garmin Fenix 6 while navigating.

Is it possible to add waypoints to a route so I will see those as "Distance to next" while navigating? 

Similar to course points, but those are for tracks and I want to use the watch with a route created in Explore.

  • When using the Explore App to create a route, it isn't possible to add waypoints/course points to routes like you can when creating a "course" in Garmin Connect. However, when you're creating the route in Explore App, you can edit the name of your route points which would give you the "Distance to Next" on your watch. This requires that the point of interest you're wanting to mark is essentially built into the route as route points whereas in Garmin Connect you can have course points that are off the path of your route.
    To edit the name of a specific point when creating a route in Explore App, tap "Details" then tap the point you want to edit. This will bring up a page with a text field for the point name which you can edit. You can also change the route point icon, but the different icons do not show up on the map on the watch. 
    I tested this out by creating a route in the Explore App, naming each of the route points, then navigated the route on my Fenix 6X using the Navigate activity. I added a "Distance to Next" data field and it shows me the distance to the next route point I added, however, it doesn't display the name of the point in the data field -- you have to view the map screen to see the names of the upcoming point. I hope this helps. To get the point names to appear on the map, you have to change the Routing settings for the activity you're using to "Follow Course." If you have the routing settings set to "Use Map" the route point names will not appear on the map. 
    I hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the thorough reply.

    I guess I'm used to eTrex doing this really well. 

    I wish it worked the same way as it does on the eTrex

  • Problem whit this is, that Fenix is showing me "as next" EVERY ROUTE POINT, not just the edited one. So on a 20 km ride I have a lot of them... street name, street name, street name, street name, street name, MY POINT, street name, street name, street name... Explore has no routing option, so You have to have a lot of them.

  • Oh that was it, great thank you so much!

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  • This is old, but here is a video on how to do exactly this. Pretty easy.  Just export rout from garmin connect as a fit file and drop it into the "new files" folder while garmin is plugged in.  Doing this will only show edited waypoints as "next waypoint" on watch.

  • Is there any plan to fix this? I was recently struggling with the same thing on my Instinct Solar. And have found many posts about this issue on the forum (not being able to add waypoints / course marks). And since there's a way around it, it doesn't seem to be that hard to implement properly.