Disable sync. of activities?

I don't use activities in Explore for anything. I am only interested in waypoints. So I want to disable the automatic sync. of activities, which takes up a lot of time every time I open Explore.

(I know I can skip that step by pressing the red "Skip" text at the bottom, but when I do that, I sometimes experience that waypoint sync. isn't complete afterwards.)

  • What is the reason to add all the activities, which may includes deviations from the path for any number of reasons, to sync back to Garmin Explore with silly names that don't even relate to the title I assigned to the route I followed? Or to add random activities I did with GPS on, not even opening the Explore app? OR to add my runs around the nearest square/park?

    Garmin Explore is the repository for routes and places to show on map. I someone wants to import any random activity, just export it from Garmin Connect (where all the activities are) and import into Explore. Sometimes may even be useful. 

    But to find synced back on the watch a ton of random walks and runs along with the routes for hikes on the Alps, that to me it's plain silly. Again, to "me": it doesn't have to be the same for anyone.

  • Activities synchronization is very slow with Explore if compared to Garmin Connect.  
    for example 12 hours Ultrarunning will create more than 35 000 points and this will take more than 30minutes to sync with Explore. The watch is F6xProSolar. One reason it takes so long is that it is not syncing Fit-file (compressed and small) but the watch will unpack it and syncs the data as GPX. Gpx file is way bigger than fit.