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Unable to edit or delete a race event on Connect Web.

  I am able to add events but nothing more.  It does seem like editing other type of calendar items are working.

BTW, I love the new options for Race Events, just wish I can update and/or remove them.

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    same for me as well

    i have created a new group and as owner I was not able to create any events 

    I was looking everywhere on the web for my mistakes and testing  but it is a garmin bug …

  • Hi,

    If the issue is known, do we have a feedback on its resolution ? Is there a way to track this somewhere ?

    I searched for a few hours yesterday before finding this thread, it was weird to have a calendar where nothing was possible to add Slight smile


  • I did a test and it is possible to add and remove items in the calendar. 

    This is the forum for Garmin Connect Web. Maybe you are using the app. In the app you can't add or remove anything. 

  • Hi,
    I tried both the web & app version.

    Did you test on a group calendar ? Because on the personal one, it works, but not on the group one.

    I talked to someone of the support by chat, they told me that the feature was removed on purpose and that there is a new "feature request", no timeline...


  • Only personal calendar. I see now that this thread is mixed between two different issues. 

    Group calendars is not working at all.

  • omg, seriously? why do they keep taking things away? they do this all the time. what's the purpose of the group calendar if you can't plan activities/training out? Disappointed

  • sat on chat today as well and franck2079 is absolutely was a known/intended design change. this feature will not be coming back, which basically (imho) renders the groups pretty useless. i use groups to plan activities/events for the group, not just look at my group members' activity feeds, which i can see elsewhere. also not really interested in the "challenges" since what i really want to do is plan the training necessary for the group leading up to specific events we are participating in, not just challenge them to a specific set of mileage/other. so, along with other changes garmin keeps making to this software overall, they are continuing to make themselves unnecessary/obsolete/useless. support person actually told me to connect garmin with strava, swift, or training peaks to try to do what i want. a) i don't think at least some, if not all, of those apps handle this particular very simple feature, but b) even if they did, why would i want to go pay for another subscription service that would effectively make garmin unnecessary? doesn't seem like a good biz model. Disappointed