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Unable to edit or delete a race event on Connect Web.

  I am able to add events but nothing more.  It does seem like editing other type of calendar items are working.

BTW, I love the new options for Race Events, just wish I can update and/or remove them.

  • I am owner of a group.

    I succeeded in adding a single event to the group calendar, but now I am unable to add a second one nor even to modify the first one.

    I simply don't get any pop-up appearing once clicking on a day nor any modify button when selecting the only existing event.

    What am I missing ?

  • What am I missing ?

    Probably broken. Try an alternative browser. If it does not help (it probably won't), report it to Garmin Support, and wait (a few weeks) till they fix it. Does not seem to work in the GCM phone app either, but try it, perhaps you get luckier.

  • Hi Trux, thanks for your answer.

    I indeed, but forgot to mention it, tried with several browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge,...) and also the Android app... same issue on all.

  • Now that you pointed this out, I'm also seeing this anomaly. Seems that for events that already existed I am unable to delete. If I create a new event, then I can delete it, but not always. Takes several attempts. Tried Firefox, Chrome, edge, cleared browsing data, disabled extensions. no difference. If you have an event that needs to be deleted, it is still possible via the Garmin Connect Mobile app. That worked for me using my Android phone.

    Suggest reporting this issue to Garmin Support

  • I have some events in the calendar. When I click one of them I expect to see a popup which gives me the option to view/edit or delete the event. That's how it worked until recently. But now nothing happens when I click an event, so it's not possible to edit nor delete an event. Clicking other items like activities or workouts still works UNTIL I click an event. After clicking an event, clicking workouts or activities doesn't work either until I refresh the page. So it looks like clicking an event hangs the calendar. Does anyone see the same phenomenon?

    My web browser is Chrome in Ubuntu.

  • Hi

    I'm not sure if it's user error or an issue with the calendar but I can't seem to add anything (activities, events, workouts) to the Group calendar. 

    Any advice welcome

    Thank you

  • Ive got the same issue.  I can't find a way round it. tried different computers, browsers and app, nothing is working.

  • I have same issue, tried chrome, fiirefox and edge and three different computers.

  • I can no longer add or Edit events in Garmin Connect web or app groups.  I have enough already added to last about a month, I can delete them thats it. Tried different computers, browsers and even phone but nothing works any more. These add the event to the groups phone calender. which reminds people in the group of the Parkrun.

  • Known issue. Merged threads.

    Suggest reporting this issue to Garmin Support