Benchmark run not recognized by garmin coach


the benchmark run appears in the activities, but not in the Garmin coach plan.


change description of the activity and saved

suspended coach plan, resynced and restarted plan

deleted activity, reuploaded manually

exit from plan, resync, rescheduled the plan

No results whatsoever.

What should I do???

I see a lot of people with the same issue, since years ago.

Please, advice.

Thank you

  • Hello .  This usually occurs when a user had previously started a Garmin Coach plan but did not follow the Benchmark Run from that plan. They then quit that plan and started a new Garmin Coach Plan.  This means that two Benchmark Run workouts had now been sent to the watch.  Then, after following the Benchmark Run on the watch, the user found that the activity did not associate with the current plan (because it was the Benchmark Run from the first "stale" plan). We can see that the activity is linked to the quit plan though.

    In order to resolve, reschedule the Benchmark Run on the current plan, sync the watch, and then follow the new Benchmark Run on the watch's Training Calendar.

  • Not accurate in my case. I followed the benchmark run for several different plans at this stage and still is not suggesting anymore workouts. Highly frustrating

  • All-

    Thank you for your participation in this forum thread.  So that I may assist you further, please reply with the following:

    1. May we, if necessary, have permission to email you?
    2. May we, if necessary, have permission to view/access your Garmin Connect account?
    3. In what country do you live?
  • Hi, 
    I had the same today.... Can you help me Kevin? I live in the Netherlands and you can email me and you have permission tot view my Garmin Connect account.

    Thanks in advance!

    Maartje Claessens

  • Please follow steps below if you are still experiencing this issue.

    1. Quit any/all Garmin Coach plans in which you are currently enrolled.
    2. Sync your watch (with either the Garmin Connect mobile app or Garmin Express).
    3. Enroll in the Garmin Coach Plan of your choice.
    4. Complete the Benchmark Run on the day it is scheduled.
      • It is important that if you DO re-schedule the Benchmark Run, that you sync your watch after doing so and before completing the run.  Do NOT enroll in any additional Garmin Coach plans.