Wrong/missing Training Load values bug is not fixed!

Garmin-Kevin ,

You have closed the thread on missing Training Load despite the fact that the bug is still very present in the Connect/Express web app. It's not fixed at all. See the picture hereunder.

The black dots in the 7-Day Training Load must and can always be calculated independent of the amount of runs or rides you have done.

If there were no rides/runs done the black dot on the black line in the graph with the green bar must be at zero which is the case in the example.

The values of three days of 7-Day Training Load values are however totally missing in between 2 rides. See the picture hereunder. The black dot values of 11, 12 & 13 Nov should be all on 175, just like 10 Nov but are not there.


So the bug is still very much present just as it was for 14 more times in the last 6 months. I use an Edge1030Plus these days, but actually this should not make any difference. 

Please really fix it. Tnx.


  • The value shown in 6 months and 1 year view is the 7 days load but exactly which data is used are different between the graphs. That is why the values are different.

    My 6 months graph uses the value from Mondays.

    My 1 year graph is using the values from Tuesdays. Probably because today is a Tuesday. It is likely that the values you see in the 1 year graph will change each day. Maybe the same for the 6 month graph. We will see that tomorrow.

    The different 7 day breaks are likely one reason to why your calculations don't add up. You can't use Monday to Sunday in the calculations since Garmin isn't using that.

    If you add the values from the 4 week graph to your spreadsheet you will see that the values from that graph matches the ones in the 6 month and 1 year graphs.

  • And 'not to overload the graph' ? sorry but I find this total nonsense.

    The 6 month and 1 year graph strips the data in the same way (but uses different days) so no point in comparing them. If you used all the data from the 4 week view in the 6 month and 1 year graph it would overload the graphs with data.

  • I created my own spreadsheet to see if I can see anything incorrect.

    I only did it for November. I added up the load for the activities for each day. Note that multisport activites are displayed twice (one for the whole activity and each activity on its own) so just use the load for the one multisport activity, but you only use an Edge and it doesn't support multisport activities so no need to bother about that.

    Then I added the values for the past 7 days for each day (I skipped the first 6 days due to missing data since I only looked at November).

    I added a column for each graph and put the values from those. Here you see that the days used are one day off from each other.

    The values adds up pretty good. They are a few points off, but not far off (16 points at most). The last day which is today is still a lot off (-56 points). Maybe Garmin handles the current day in a special way. We will see tomorrow. The errrors are probably due to rounding errors. I usually do about 20-25 activities per week and the error is larger when it includes days with many activities.

    Edit: The load value for today just updated to 940 so it is just 13 points off now.

  • Follow up 2 days later to see what has happened to the values.

    The values logged in the 4 week graph is the value for Mondays (7 day total from Tuesday to Monday)

    The values in the 1 year graph is for Tuesdays (7 day total from Wednesday to Tuesday).

    It would be more logical to use the value for Sundays since that is a full week and many people plan their training for a week, but there is nothing said from Garmin (that I know) that the values should be for calendar weeks. So it will be a change request. Not a bug.


    I've started my Edge every day and synced and now I get a load value on each day.

  • How do you guys sync? I must use the phone app to get all data from my Edge 530, if I sync with wifi training load values does not transfer.

  • I always use the app to sync. I had some issues a year ago that the Edge locked up when wifi was enabled so I disabled it and never enabled it again.

  • Hi e7andy,

    I saw indeed already some time ago that the 1 Year and 6 Months are fetched on different days. This is definitely not a CR this is a major bug. Fetching on different days can turn out that the 6 Months overview says you are within the optimal training range where the 1 Year says it is too high. So this is plain wrong because you cannot rely on the training load history at all.

    In an earlier SW releases at least the 7-Day training Load values for 6 Months and 1 Year were fetched at the same day. So it is a MAJOR bug.

    Even worse: when the current SW release was set live, ALL 7-Day Values in the 1 Year graphs, even of all the weeks in the past have changed! This is a major screw up of my whole training history. It is now totally impossible to see in the 1 Year and 6 Months history which trainings worked well and which didn't.

    It is impossible to make a good macro training plan based on your training history.

    These are very basic bugs which should have been detected by the SW tester before go live. And then I haven't mentioned yet that the vast majority of all 7-Day Training Load values in the 4 Weeks graph are wrong anyway, as you showed yourself in the first table you shared

    Furthermore the fact that SW in such a deplorable state is set live is to me a big shame. It is a plain sign of not taking your users seriously while Garmin claims to be 'Accurate in Training' as they display at the bottom of the web page in a grey block. If my colleagues and I would have delivered such crap quality SW we would have been fired a long time ago

  • And then I haven't mentioned yet that the vast majority of all 7-Day Training Load values in the 4 Weeks graph are wrong anyway, as you showed yourself in the first table you shared

    Have you checked the real values used in the calculations? I believe it is rounding errors.

    I checked one activity from today that got 27 in load. When I use the activity-service I see the real value which is: 27.384048461914062

  • I used the activity-service to get the real values for the load for a few days and it looks a lot better. It is the rounding that is causing the difference in values. I only did it for a few days since it is a bit time consuming to do it for every activity when I have up to 5 activities per day.