Wrong/missing Training Load values bug is not fixed!

Garmin-Kevin ,

You have closed the thread on missing Training Load despite the fact that the bug is still very present in the Connect/Express web app. It's not fixed at all. See the picture hereunder.

The black dots in the 7-Day Training Load must and can always be calculated independent of the amount of runs or rides you have done.

If there were no rides/runs done the black dot on the black line in the graph with the green bar must be at zero which is the case in the example.

The values of three days of 7-Day Training Load values are however totally missing in between 2 rides. See the picture hereunder. The black dot values of 11, 12 & 13 Nov should be all on 175, just like 10 Nov but are not there.


So the bug is still very much present just as it was for 14 more times in the last 6 months. I use an Edge1030Plus these days, but actually this should not make any difference. 

Please really fix it. Tnx.


  • Couldn't it be that you need to sync a device to get a value in the graph? The training load value is calculated on the device and then uploaded to Garmin Connect. Garmin Connect will not do any calculations on its own.

  • Hi e7andy,

    No it is not a matter of syncing the device. Every time the SW version in the back end of Express (where the calcs are done) is changed, this happens. This is independent of sincing the device or not. Even if it would require syncing then it's still a P1 bug because the calculation should continue no matter what.

  • Why I think it requires sync is that you can see the 7-day training load values on the device before you sync so the calculations are done on device. You can get these values without Garmin Connect.

    Garmin is also a hardware company and builds everything around the devices so I think it is by design and not a bug.

    I got a FR945 that I sync multiple times per day and got no skipped days so I can't use my data to check how it might work.

  • Now I checked my Edge1030 and compared it with my FR945.

    It is just (almost) as I thought. There is only a value on the days I sync. Not entirely true. I used my Edge on the 9, 12 and 22 November but there is a value added on 19 November. It did two biking activities on the 19th but they were logged with FR945.

    Edge 1030:

    FR945 (I workout pretty much every day so I get a new value each day):

    I also checked the 7-Day training load for October. I got 7 values, but I only logged 6 activities with Edge 1030 so it added one extra value for that month as well.

    Same in September. I got 4 values, but only 3 activities logged with Edge.

    Maybe I started the Edge to sync or do an update. I usually prepare the Edge the day before I use it so it is all synced up and ready to go. I think I updated to 13.10 on November 19 so that explains that data point.

  • When I check even further back in time I see that I got values for every single day in May and before that. Something happened in end of June which made the values occur less often and finally in August and to this day I see only values for the days I've synced the Edge.

    So, something has changed.

    I will try to remember to start my Edge every day to sync and see if that gives me load values for each day.

  • Sorry but I am 100% sure it is a SW bug in the G Express SW where all calculations are done. Connect only fetches the data from the GExpress Back End databases to make it visible. Connect is only a GUI for the Training Status web pages. (I found out when I reverse engineered the whole Connect, Express and device suite. I am in SW and HW development myself)

    I also sync every day (only have a E1030Plus) and still huge amounts of 7-Day Training Load values are missing and it seems to always sync with SW version changes in the GExpress back end SW (We cannot see those version numbers)


    Also the 7-Day Training Load graphs of 6 Months and 1 Year are missing values and even many exercises, but the exercises missed are NOT the same in the 1 Year and 6 Months graphs. Quite regularly also two black dots in one week are displayed in the 6 Months graph. What can also be seen is that the grouping dates for the 1 Year and 6 Months are one day apart so also different.

    Over H1 2021 12 exercises being 15% of the Load is missing in the 1 Year graph and 7 exercises being 8% is missing in the 6 Months graph.

    In other words: there are at least 3 P1 bugs in the GE SW where the calculations for the 7-Day training load is done.


    These 3 lines in the graph above should completely overlap if the 7-Day Training Load would be calculated and displayed correctly

    Conclusion: the calculation SW for 7-Day Training Load is one big mess.

  • The 6 months and 1 year graph just strips away values. It will take the value from every 7th day (seen in the 4 week graph) when I check the graph for my FR945 that got values for every day. It will not do any calculations or take any average value of the load. So, no need to look at those graphs. The only interesting graph is the 4 week graph since it have all values.

  • Hi e7andy,

    This is exactly what I see as well. In June a lot of new SW versions were set live rapidly after another and where I finally could see all 3 Training Status web pages in Connect (before I could either only see the 4 weeks page, not the others, or only the 1 Year or the 1 Year and 6 Months. Major bug in Express). This was when the vacancy of the 'C++ Developer with sports knowledge' was no longer at the Garmin job site. Coincidence ? ? Maybe yes, maybe no.

    Every time a new SW version of the Express BE is set live, calculations are missing. The go live of a new release is mainly on Tuesday mornings between 09:00 - 12:00 CET (so in the middle of the night in the USA)

  • I don't see the missing values in the 6 month and 1 year graphs to be a bug. You need to remove values to not overload the graphs with data. Using the value from every 7th day could be a good way to get useful graphs in those views. To view the exact data you will use the 4 week graph.

  • Sorry but this is not how it should work: The black dot in the 7-Day training Load graph should display the sum of the exercise loads generated in one week from Monday until Sunday. So the value of all the weeks in the past should be exactly the same both in the 6 Months and the 1 Year graph because one week is one week.

    I have discovered an even worse bug: If I look at the values of weeks 2, 3 and 4 of this year in the 17 June view and in the 11 Nov (or todays) view the values changed!

    So dependent on the Express SW version set live the calculations are even reversely screwed up more than they already were.

    And 'not to overload the graph' ? sorry but I find this total nonsense. The 7-Day Training Load is the sum of all exercise Loads of all trainings done in one week. Simple. See hereunder:

    The blank fields in the Blue and Pink column displays which exercise loads are randomly left out of the 7-Day Training Load in the 6 Months and 1 Year respectively.

    The numerical value in the blue and pink box is the value of the black dot in the respective graph. You can see this numerical value appearing in the upper right corner above the graph if you hover over that black dot with the cursor.

    Examples (because cannot get the graph displayed bigger than above):

    Week 1: 6 Months = 0, 1 Year = 262, own calc. = 143

    Week 26 Months = 572, 1 Year = 432, own calc. = 391

    In other words: major SW bugs.