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When will AMEX be supported by Garmin Pay

Garmin Pay is the bomb dot com, or so I thought. I recently switched credit cards to an American Express but am dismayed to see it is not supported. Is this on the roadmap, does anyone know? It'd be a real shame to need to switch to an apple watch over this, since apple pay works for pretty much anything.

Please bring AMEX support! Let's keep Garmin Pay great!

  • AMEX is not currently part of Garmin Pay but we take AMEX when customers are buying from us directly. Whether or not AMEX is ever part of Garmin Pay is up to AMEX and not Garmin. We cannot force them to join Garmin Pay.

    Forms of Payment Accepted by Garmin

    I am locking this thread since an answer has been given and AMEX is not part of Garmin Pay at this time.

  •  - Will the American Express card be added? When?

  • See the answer from  at In brief, you have to ask AMEX and your bank to enable Garmin Pay:

    Whether a card chooses to be part of Garmin Pay, is 100% up to the card's bank and that company. It is 100% outside of our control. We would love to have every single bank and credit union under Garmin Pay. It is a win/win for us and our customer base.

  • Just wondering where Garmin’s standing is at with negotiating with American Express and its support with Garmin Pay? I see this question has been mentioned several other times on this Garmin forum with answers ranging from “no response from Garmin” to “it’s in Amex hands”. 

    Im just a consumer of Garmin products, but I believe I share a common stance with others in, what the hell is the hold up. I believe it should be Garmin’s responsibility to reach out and negotiate with American Express to allow support on Garmin pay. The stance of, if American Express wants Garmin pay we will allow them is a poor answer to Garmin’s development with business partners. Garmin should be working to increase business partnerships and seeking to accommodate where able to provide a better experience for their customers. To assume American Express is going to approach Garmin about this issue seems like a lack of understanding of how business works. Need I state the obvious, American Express doesn’t need Garmin for success, but Garmin would largely benefit if American Express was offered on Garmin pay. With that being said, how is Garmin doing negotiating with Amex and have they failed to show desire to partner or is Garmin waiting for Amex to do all the work with no real benefit to them?

  • As of today, Amex in germany supports google pay. It would be highly appreciated to have either google pay on my garmin watch or amex (and more cards...) in garmin.

  • If Garmin Pay can't successfully negotiate with Amex to resolve this, they should allow Google Pay. It's utterly ridiculous that it's not possible to put an Amex card in my "wallet". 

  • Any update on supporting AmEx on Garmin Pay (and Citibank for that matter).

  • As sad as it is: This is the reason why i finally have to leave Garmin in the end. No AMEX / PayPal support makes Garmin Pay not suitable anymore... I can understand why this might not be in focus. Will be looking back as soon as there is one of the named providers availeable....

    Still a sad storty.

  • We, your customers, have requested support for American Express cards (Amex) for Garmin Pay FOR YEARS! What are you waiting for? Why are you ignoring your customers!? This is a deal breaker for me and many many others. React or start losing customers!

    Answer this post!!:

  • Two years later and still no AMEX. I just bought my watch and can't believe AMEX is not part of the platform. I would think you could have added it though another app, but no on that one too. :-(  Very unhappy. If I knew this before my purchase, I might have bought a different watch, but who would think a hugely major cc would not be on this thing.  BTW don't they accept AMEX at check out, lol?