Cycling VO2 Max is Different in 3 Garmin Locations (FR935, Edge 130, and Garmin Connect)

I use a Forerunner 935 for running and an Edge 130 when cycling. And I understand that Garmin is having issues syncing the data between the two. I wish they would fix it, but I understand the challenge. What I don't understand is why my "Cycling VO2 Max" is 3 three different values on my FR935, Edge 130, and Garmin Connect:

  • On Garmin Connect it's 51
  • On my Forerunner 935 it's 52
  • And on my Edge 130 is 53

I really don't understand how Garmin can't use Garmin Connect to run the all necessary calculations and then upload that data back to the respective devices. That just seems simple to me. They have to understand that people are using different devices when exercising, otherwise they wouldn't sell so many different devices.

I'm growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of coordination and have started to look for alternatives.

If anyone has any tips on what I can to do sync up my training and performance information, please share. I do have TrueUp turned ON. And I've tried syncing both devices via USB to Garmin Express on my laptop and syncing to Garmin Connect on my phone. But neither is producing the expected results.

Not to mention that my FTP isn't being calculated correctly despite the fact that I am riding 100+ miles per week.