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Connect not showing 'step type' after upload

I believe this may have been raised before but I can't find an an answer to the issue.  I create a custom workout and send it to my FR945.  When I download to Garmin connect app I see step types correctly and see the option to filter by step type.

My friends created the exact same workout and used a FR245 downloaded the workout.  For him it does not add the interval type, so he is unable to filter by type.

Does anyone know why he is unable to see workout types?

  • When I download to Garmin connect app I see step types correctly and see the option to filter by step type.

    Where? I do not see any filtering of workout steps in Garmin Connect Mobile either. Can you post a screenshot demonstrating what you are reffering to?

  • This is what I see when I download the workout. 

  • This is what my friend sees. Same workout programmed into Garmin then loaded onto watches. It doesn’t show type or offer a filter. 

  • This does not look like a Workout screen (Training » Workouts). It is, what is called an Activity. I do not quite understand why your friend is downloading your Activity. Did he really download and imported your actvitity for some reason, or is he he simply viewing you activity?

    If it is the second case, then he cannot filter it, because it is not his own Activty. Some functions are available for own Activities only. The viewer of activities of other people (Connections) has some limitations and restrictions.

  • Trux, let me clarify. We both independently created a workout last night and sent to our respective Garmin watches. We did the workout together this morning. We then independently of each other synced our watches. The first screenshot I sent you is my workout. The second screenshot is his workout. 

    The same workout completed on different watches then synced To our own Garmin Connect accounts (both the same version number). Mine shows interval types with an option to filter, his doesn’t. 

    my question is, why the difference?

  • It may be a completed workout, but the screenshots you are showing are from the Activity screen. The screen Training » Workouts has a different layout, so it cannot be that. So now the question is whether the screenshots of the two Activities (completed workouts) - the one of yourself, and the one of your friend, come each from the respective phone, or whether you did them both on your phone.

    If you've created both screenshots from your account, then what I told previously is still true - the Activity viewer works differently for your own Activities, and for Activities of others. It has diverse restrictions when you view Activities of others, and apparently the filters are one of them too.

  • Hi,

    Both workouts were created on 2 different phones and 2 different accounts.  I downloaded from my watch onto my phone, he downloaded from his watch onto his phone.  My friend simply took a screenshot from his phone and sent it to me.

  • Same version of GCM? Same OS? Verify it in Menu » Settings » Version. Current is 4.30.

    Strangely, the screenshot of Jonathan's Activity has a different header than yours (or mine) - there is Done and Edit at the top. I did not manage to get such view of any Activity in my GCM, so it really looks like a different version. Or somewhere else than we do. Still it looks like Andorid too (seeing the status bar), not an iPhone, so that's probabaly not the issue.

  • Hi,

    We are both on iphones, both on up to date IOS and both running version of the Garmin app, so really not sure why he sees a Done and Edit at the top of his screen.

  • We are both on iphones,

    In that case you are on a wrong forum here. This one is for Android. Try the iOS forum instead.

    Edit: actually I am wrong, we are on the Garmin Connect Web forum, so neither Android nor iPhone. You really best always choose the most suiting forum for your posts, if you want to get relevant answers.