Reschedule Missed Workout on a Training Plan


This seems to be an issue I have seen here before, but the answers to remedy it aren't working. I was sick this past week, and I would like to miss the run I missed on Thursday. The app on the computer and phone will not allow me to do this. I also tried to get around it by selecting the workout on the watch, but it doesn't give me my missed workout as an option. I am not sure what to do, thoughts?

  • It's a stupid bug that Garmin have yet to fix - seems to me pretty much your only option is to remember to reschedule it on the day you were supposed to run it :-/

  • I also discovered if the original workout day has passed you can not move the scheduled workout.  I missed a run the day it was scheduled and planned to run it the very next day.  Alas, it would not allow me the option to run the previous workout.  Seemed odd as I can move a session before it's scheduled.  My other issue with the training program is if you do not use/follow/start the training session and complete the exact same session from memory and then try to merge your actual workout with the assigned workout for the day - that is impossible. Your completed workout will appear and your training plan will still say you need to complete your planned workout.  So far those are my two main issues with following the plans.

  • Last week I was able to see the missed workout when I select Training Calendar within the Activity. This week, I am not able to scroll to events that were scheduled prior from 'Today' 

    Can't reschedule cycling which is even more annoying.