Request for sprint activity type (20m up to 400m)


I have a Garmin Forerunner 945 and it is a very nice sportwatch.

However as a sprinter athlete (100m and 200m), run activity type is not exactly covering my needs.

In particular, I would like to be able to use an activity type dedicated to Sprint covering starting block workouts (to practice on the drive phase, let's say 20m to 40-50m) as well as longer distances up to 400m.

Here are features that I can think on right now:

- briefly increase the frequency of GPS acquisition (more than 1 point per second for the time of each sprint). That should not be a huge battery drain as a sprint does not last long (always less than 1 minute).

- allow the measurement of the ground contact only during sprints and not the full activity, which may include large rest periods. Be able to consult such data on the watch and not only through the web interface.

- give an estimate on the stride length, velocity and acceleration anytime during a Sprint (data fusion between GPS and accelerometer data?)

- be able to start a lap/stopwatch/sprint analysis by detecting a sudden acceleration due to the arms moving. I would imagine to press the lap button while in ready position, which would tell the watch to be in standby until there is a sudden acceleration, then automatically trigger the "sprint" mode.

I don't know if Garmin will ever implement such features but I would be glad to use it and also very thankful. Sprinter are only a small fraction of the entire runner population so I am not expecting Garmin to ever consider my request, but at least I asked

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