How to Fix: Vivofit 4 Not Recognizing Run Activity

I bought a Vivofit 4 in January and I've worn it on my non-dominant hand constantly since then. I run 6+ miles to work at 8min/mile pace. Vivofit 4 accurately (enough) records my steps. However, it does not accurately record my activity as running. For example, on Thursday, I ran 7 miles over 1 hour. Vivofit recorded 10,000+ steps but only recorded a total of 8 minutes running.

How to adjust, calibrate, etc the Vivofit 4 so it will automatically record my full running activity?

I stress automatically too. I don't want to start or stop recording manually. The whole point of a Vivofit is that it should automatically know when I start and stop running.

Also, its not automatically recording my swims. I do 10 minute cool down swims, but the Vivofit never records those swims. I'm less concerned about these though.