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How to fix wrong FTP value in "history" chart

due to some very high pikes which have been picked up by my powermeter (50KW !) my Fenix5xplus detected a new FTP of 657 Watt or 7.08W/kg. I somehow must have exerted this wrong value. After deleting this activity, fixing the data with Fit File Repair Tool and uploading again with correct FTP of 239, the activity looks correct but if you go to 4 weeks chart it has still the 657 Watt, and it also shows this as actual value on the IOS version. I corrected the FTP setting on the Fenix as well, so my next ride will be correct again.

is there a way that I can "delete" the wrong value, or is the change picked automatically within the next 24 hours?
  • It appears Garmin still hasn't resolved this issue.  Yesterday, I did my first ride with Fenix 7X connected to a Keiser M3i via a K2pi PROm and my FTP updated to 239, however when I checked my FTP history, it showed my FTP went from 223 on May 14 to 494 on May 15.  This is especially interesting as I didn't do a cycling activity on May 15!!!  As others have indicated, it looks like I'm going to have to wait a year before I can actually see my real FTP history.  PLEASE GARMIN, fix this bug, plus allow users to edit the FTP history values for any future miscalculations in your system.

  • You can correct your ftp in your device. See link below. Although I havnt been able to delete historical values. They are so annoying.

  • @Garmin please fix!!! Its an easy one.