Getting weight measurements INTO Garmin Connect - 3 ways only?

As far as i can tell there are only 3 ways to get your weight measurement into Garmin Connect:

1. Input it in manually.
2. Buy a Garmin scale and stand on it.
3. Get your weight into myfitnesspal then connect it to Garmin to sync automatically.

Does anyone have any other ways to sync weight measurements INTO Garmin's ecosystem?

[Aside: I record my weight with a Withings/Nokia scale and sync it with myfitnesspal. But for other reasons i don't want Garmin and myfitnesspal connected (crazy high step calories from my 735XT syncing across and screwing up my daily calorie goals). I can easily get my weight into other services, but Garmin ONLY seems to take input from the 3 options above. Note iOS Health sync is a total failure as well.]