Sending daily step data to Google Fit?


I wear my Garmin device (Forerunner 235) at all times and would like to see all daily steps being synced to Google Fit.

There are 2 cases:
- step data during a workout: the Garmin records a workout. This workout then gets synced to Strava. Later on, Strava gets synced to Google Fit.
If I'm not mistaken (Just got my first Garmin and did my first workout only today), this way step data gets eventually sent to Google Fit. But only the step data recorded during the workout.

- step data outside of a workout: this gets tracked in the Garmin Connect app. But is it possible to eventually send it to Google Fit?
I see, when I enable the MyFitnessPal connection, all my step data being sent to MyFitnessPal, which is good.
MyFitnessPal can make a connection with Google Fit, BUT it seems MyFitnessPal can only receive step data from Google Fit; not send.

Anyone know any way to do this?

Kind regards,