Sync Failed Server Error

Cant sync devices on Garmin Connect

"Sync Failed Server Error"

I have 2 devices - vivosmart 4 and Venu

It syncs through Garmin Express (express syncs it and shows its connected green - Garmin Connect on mobile shows it with red ! not connected)

So now I'd have to open my laptop before sleep to set vivo4 as preferred tracker to track sleep, wake up open laptop, sync sleep data, set venu as prefered.

And also the same, when I go swimming (i use vivo4 for swim coz of comfort)

It has become tedious process.

And it seems the problem is not solved as there are numerous posts on this forum as well. (none of the solutions worked for me BTW)

Sent email to Garmin Support, but after reading the posts, I dont think Garmin listens.