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Duplicate entries in Apple Health

I am on iOS 11 with the latest version of Garmin Connect. When looking in Apple Health I see lots of duplicate entries (same time and duration) from Garmin Connect in my activities. A quick Google shows people were having this issue back in 2015 but I've not seen any simple solution to stop it from happening and it is becoming more and more irritating.

I know Apple Health may not be the best application but I use it as a central repository.

Does anyone have a simple solution for this (other than buying an Apple Watch and using a Wahoo Tickr with the watch).



  • Same here. I wear an Apple Watch for most of my running activities and use a Garmin Forerunner 235 for longer workouts or speed runs only. This means that my Garmin Watch stays switched off for days. It seems to me that the issue occurs for this exact reason - Bluetooth connectivity. The double entries appear in Health app when the Garmin Watch reconnects. It's really annoying to delete manually the obsolete entry in iOS Health app but I haven't found a way to prevent this for nearly an year now. Garmin needs to address this issue, it's been around for ages (I investigated the forum archives).
  • Same problem here. Connect writes the same training data to health each time it syncs with my VAHR creating big amount of multiple entries. Actually nearly all data written to healt is more or less bogus. It looks that only steps, sleep and heartrate data is correctly written to health. Connect also does not read weight from health allthough it has read access.
  • I am having the same issue. Every time Connect app syncs, it creates a duplicate entry in Apple Health. Worse, Apple Acivity actually counts each entry as separate workouts.
  • For now, I have had to disable Garmin writing to Apple Health to prevent duplicating every single past workout entry at every sync. Hopefully there is a better solution.
  • Unfortunately this has been going on for 2+ years from searching older posts. I have the same result which means using an app such as Workout++ on the iPhone to display information from Apple Health is unusable due to all the duplication.
  • Has this issue been fixed? I am considering getting the new Fenix but not if this annoying bug is still around with GC.

  • In my experience it is much better now, not that I look at the Apple Health app on a frequent basis. But my activities, steps, weight and other information seems to copy across. The active calories number seems different but I've not done any investigation to see whether this is expected or not. To be honest I just use Garmin Connect now and it has improved a lot since my post from 2 years ago.

  • Hi

    In December, I upgraded from Iphone SE to Iphone 8

    At the old Iphone SE, I didn't get duplicate entries, but after upgrade to Iphone 8, I see multiple entries for the same Garmin Connect activity.

    My Iphone 8 are installed, based at Icloud backup from my Iphone SE, so most setting should be the same

  • Can confirm. Just noticed the issue.

  • It's utterly appalling that this issue has been going on for 4 years and Garmin only seem to make it worse. Active Energy, Resting Energy, Steps, Walking + Running Distance; all riddled with duplicate, erroneous entries. Support tickets open for years, threads closed claiming it's fixed, only for them to ignore new threads pointing out that it's not.

    has hit and run a couple of threads but not for months so that shows how seriously he's taking it. 4 years of failure shows how that that is symptomatic of how seriously the wider Garmin business is taking it.