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Garmin Connect not displaying pool swimming graphs

Garmin Connect not displaying pool swimming graphs for Pace, Strokes, Swolf.  This issue started today and graphs do not appear on any of my swimming activities, even older ones that had worked at one time.  Running graphs seem to be fine.  Anyone else having this issue?  thanks

  • Same issue started for me 3 days ago using 945 and Google Android. No Stoke, pace or SWOLF data showing after a swim. Heart rate data is fine. This is a new replacement watch because the last one stopped working after two weeks. Not a great experience with Garmin so far...

  • There is nothing wrong with your watch. This is app issue.  If you look back even like 12 months back,  every swim looks like that. If you open garmin connect on PC or laptop, everything is OK, just not on app.

  • Same issue. All graphs lost retrospectively. Have opened a support case but as this was posted 20 days ago it doesn't seem that anyone is being quick to resolve. I've uninstalled/reinstalled app and full stats still on laptop. Very frustrating as I actually view the graphs more than any other element of the activity log. Hopefully will be fixed soon. I'm on Android. 

  • Same issue with GMC 4.54.1 on Android 12. I am using a Forerunner 935 with version 21.00. I deleted and re-installed GMC, there was no change. (20/May/2022).

  • Looks like the issue I had has now been resolved. I opened a tech support ticket so don't know if that's the reason why. It stopped showing the swimming graphs from 12 May 2022 but was still capturing data. All graphs were still visible online, just not the app. 

  • What date did you open your ticket? I also raised one (as advised to do by Garmin) several weeks ago, but still waiting.

    Surely the 'fix' isn't user specific and the fix update would be across the board, no?

  • Surely the 'fix' isn't user specific and the fix update would be across the board, no?

    You will have to update the Garmin Connect Mobile app. However, the new version isn't automatically available to every device in the same time. The roll out in Google's Play store may take a few hours, or even days, before it is available to your phone. Check for the update frequently.

  • Same isue on Garmin swim 2. Opened a ticket and waiting for a solution.

  • Oddly the OPEN WATER function is showing graphs correctly in the phone App, just the POOL SWIM that is not working.

  • Thank you for doing that. I hope they'll fix it bc it is clearly a bug! This used to work fine! And I like to look at this data after a workout. :-)