More accurate sleep data?! Awake is not 'light sleep', dreaming without rem-sleep, back-to-bed is also sleep.

I have been awake about half the night for years. I check on the clock regularly to know when I was awake, just to have an idea of how much energy I have the next day. (I have ME/CVS and long-covid, so this is important to me).

  • Unfortunatly most of my time awake is registered as 'light sleep'.
  • I had 4 dreams and no recorded rem-sleep. (dreams only occur in rem-sleep).
  • I got up halfway the night and 1 hour later went back to bed. All within my set sleep-time. But it only registered the first half of the night as sleep. The is no 'resume to sleep' button.

How to get more accurate sleep data? 

I shaved the hair on my wrist just to make sure hair is not preventing accurate readings.

This is really disappointing. The sleep and body-battery data is the whole reason I bought this device. 

Garmin Vivosmart4 Smart Activity tracker

  • I'm not an expert on this stuff by any means. But there was a thread elsewhere that mentioned battery optimization and background processes... so I tried it and it's correlated (not necessarily caused by), so for now I'm just happy it's working. But like you stated, I was also under the impression that the data lived on the watch (at least a decent chunk of it) until sync-ed up. So I'm not sure.

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    I now sleep with 3 activity trackers! Garmin, Fitbit and Lefun. Each morning I'm writing down the data and how much I think I slept. Garmin and Fitbit fail. Crazy enough the cheapest chinese gadgets' measurement of 'deep sleep' is the only thing correlating most with my actual hours slept.

    I'm sending the fitbit and garmin back. Wierd that what is suppose to be the best quality smartwatch, costing the most money, scores the worst of them all.