Strange connection behavior on Samsung S21 Ultra

Hi i am using a garmin tactix delta solar with a samsung galaxy s21 ultra and i have noticed that in garmin connect on the samsung on the upper right where the green dot is, that shown the connection status it keeps turning on and off and also the watch keeps connecting and disconnecting anyone else noticed this or know any solution thanks

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    I tried everything...:/

  • I tried everything...:/

    Can you list what exactly you tried, including the exact steps you did? Claiming "I tried everything" is a bit too vaste, and does not let any possibility for trying to help you. In contrary if you list what exactly you tried, and how, we can see whether you did not skip some possibility, or can try finding others.

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    -Zresetuj ustawienia fabryczne

    -Zrestartować ustawienia sieci

    -Wyczyść udział cache

    - zainstaluj ponownie aplikację Garmin Connect

    - zainstaluj ponownie zegarek

    -optymalizacja baterii - aplikacja Garmin nigdy śpi

    - wyłączamy optymalizację battery dla Garmin Connect

    - wyczyść dane bluetooth

    - wyczyść dane App Garmin

    - wyłącz android auto bluetooth

    - wyłącz aplikację Android Auto

    - rozparuj / sparuj zegarek

    - turn off bluetooth battery optymalization

    Myślę, że to wszystko

  • You can try using Error Report feature accessible through the Samsung Members app, and search for the culprit of the disconnections there. You can see some instructions for example in the following video (you can skip the irrelevant beginning, it starts to be interesting at ~1:17). Although the video is about a conflict with calls, the Error Reports may be helpful in your case too, for isolating the problem.

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    Zgłosiłem błąd za pośrednictwem członków Samsunga. Oglądałem ten film kilka dni temu :)
    I have no ideas anymore

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    kiedy wyłączam Wi-Fi, w Garmin connect połączenie bluetooth jest dobre.
    when wifi is on and garmin connect is working badly i can send files via bluetooth which means bluetooth works fine

  • kiedy wyłączam Wi-Fi, w Garmin connect bluetooth connection jest dobre

    That's what I suggested in my previous post here. Looks like some weird bug of the S21 Ultra - report it to Samsung together with the details, and you may also include the link to the previously mentioned thread.

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    I think I found a solution :) my home WiFi network is on 2.4, the same frequency as bluetooth, when I connected to the 5 GHz network everything started working. I've been tiring for so many days, but I think that someone else will find it useful :)

  • Yes, that's an important information. Please report it to Samsung's Support - it seems to be a common problem of the Galaxy S21 / S201 Ultra phone (and not only with Garmin devices). They will cetainly want to fix it, so the information you can provide may help them.

  • I had a strange problem, too. My connection from my Fenix 6 to my S21 Ultra was sporadic, and my Fenix would never report the weather. Switched the S21 to 5 GHz network and I get the weather now with a solid connection! Fantastic!

    Thanks for your suggestion!